What wedding outfit suits the minimalist woman? Here are 4 editorial picks

What wedding outfit suits the minimalist woman? Here are 4 editorial picks
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Do you love minimalism? Decorations, frills, lace and glitter are not your cup of tea? If you are looking for a perfect, classic wedding dress, we have a few suggestions for you. Class, elegance and simplicity is something you will surely like

Every bride wants to look special at her wedding. But not every of us dreams about a dress like a Disney princess. If you do not like flared dresses, corsets and sequins, then bet on the classic, simple cuts, which look equally phenomenal

Minimalist wedding dress is what?

Minimalist wedding dresses are usually devoid of any rich decorations, frills, zircons and lace. They have simple cuts. This does not mean that they are dull and trite. They may have a phenomenal cut on the back, deep neckline or long train. If you are planning an outdoor wedding with your fiancé, then delicate boho style dresses will surely delight you. Although they may have a little more ornamentation in the form of lace, they are still kept in a minimalist style.

Who is most suitable for minimalist gowns? In fact, any woman – both high and low. Slim and rounder. Such a dress does not overwhelm, so it will be an excellent option for women with delicate beauty. If you decide on a simple dress, then you can go a little crazy with accessories and makeup. A bridal bouquet in colorful tones can also be an accessory. If you like jewelry, you may opt for earrings with delicate white flowers or a headband with zircons, which will beautifully accent your hairstyle

Meghan Markle opted for a classic, minimalist wedding dress and looked phenomenal. Simple, classy, without being overdone. What really made all the fuss was the long train. A perfect combination. Here are a few proposals, which, in our opinion, will appeal to minimalists

Boho style wedding dress

Wedding dress in the style of boho is the ideal proposal for true romantics. Creations in this style are becoming more and more popular. This is an excellent option if you have a wedding in the summer months. The basic element of boho dresses is lace. Although it is not associated with minimalism, it is extremely feminine.

The dress often has long, flared sleeves or a flowing train. If you are a fan of lace and simple cuts, then the ideal model for you will be a dress with a lace, delicate top and a V-shaped neckline. Boho style outfits are extremely airy and graceful. This season reigns models with a built-in front and long sleeves, but open back. This makes the dress more elegant and dignified

The Straight Long Sleeve Gown

If you do not like to expose your shoulders or you are planning a wedding in November or December, this model will be a hit! Extremely elegant and classic model will add to your charm and beautifully emphasize your figure. It can be white or ecru, and if you want to go a bit wild, you can opt for a version with decorative sleeves – delicate lace will not overwhelm your style, but will diversify it a bit.

Dresses with square necklines

Blouses and dresses with square neckline are a hit of the last seasons. This classic and elegant solution is perfect for minimalists. White, smooth dress to the ground with a long train, a square neckline and ¾ sleeves. A class of its own. For a little more variety you may opt for styles with shoulder pleats

Gown with slit in the leg

A proposition for braver ladies, who like classics and simplicity, but on this special day want to impress everyone. If you bet on a strong slit on the leg, it is better that the top is smooth and built-in, so as not to overdo it. If you keep moderation, this creation will look sensational – it will add to you chic and class, and in addition beautifully emphasize the silhouette.


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