The Many Uses of Miyuki Seed Beads

The Many Uses of Miyuki Seed Beads
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Miyuki seed beads are very small and uniform, which makes them useful in many types of beading and embroidery projects. They’re very versatile, so I wanted to do an overview of some of their most common uses. Check out this guide on the many uses of Miyuki seed beads!

Stabilize beadwork designs

A common use for seed beads is to stabilize beadwork designs. When a design is not meant to be dimensional, the beads can make it much more solid. This is often done with embroidery thread or Perle cotton. Another technique that uses seed beads is called hanging. Hanging essentially means suspending the beadwork from one side and has become quite popular in recent years as it allows for easier viewing of the work. A loop of silk cord at the top is passed through each row of beads and securely knotted on the underside. The loops are then hung from a single point such as a dowel rod and then suspended on either end by two lengths of silk cord which are attached securely to two high points near the ceiling. One way to hang a piece like this is using what’s known as an inverted loop knot, which works well because it doesn’t leave any knots exposed when they are finished.

Use them as spacers

Miyuki seed beads are the perfect way to add another dimension to your project. They come in such a variety of colors that you can find one that fits your project perfectly, plus they’re inexpensive and easy to use! If you’re not sure how to incorporate them into your next project, here are some ideas: 

-Use Miyuki seed beads as spacers between other beads on a bracelet. 

-Add a single strand of Miyuki seed beads at the bottom or top edge of your necklace for a layered effect. 

-Pair Miyuki seed beads with other small findings like eye pins or head pins to create earrings. You’ll need some wire (half-round or round) in the same gauge size as the bead holes to make it work. Cut two lengths of wire (long enough to reach from one end of your bead string to the other). Thread an eye pin through each length of wire so that it’s standing up vertically. Then thread each end through a hole in the beads.

Use them in bead embroidery designs

Miyuki seed beads are often used in bead embroidery designs. When using them in this manner, the seed beads can be strung on a thread and then used to create patterns or designs with a needle. These seed beads have a smaller hole than most other kinds of seed beads so they may need to be threaded before stitching with them. A good tool for doing this is called a bead spinner, which is specially designed for stringing these small beads onto threads. These spinners are usually made from metal so that they can easily be turned by hand, but you can also purchase plastic ones if you’re looking for something more lightweight and inexpensive.

Create your own bead embroidery designs

Miyuki seed beads are a type of bead from Japan that have become extremely popular in recent years, due to the wide variety of colors and shapes available. They can be used for bead embroidery or other projects requiring small beads. The size, shape, and color determine the best use for each individual seed bead. This blog post will explore some different uses for Miyuki seed beads.

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