Wedding dress code. What fashion rules cover guests?

Wedding dress code. What fashion rules cover guests?
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It seems that the wedding season will be in full swing, which means that many people will have a dilemma as to how to dress for such an important event

More and more often brides and grooms, wanting to make it easier for their guests to choose wedding outfits, indicate on the invitations what dress code is welcome at their wedding. Many people find this idea quite controversial, however it is the bride and groom’s day and it is worth accepting their every wish. Thanks to the fact that the guests will be dressed in a similar style and their dresses or suits will have a similar color, the photos from the ceremony can look really impressive. Check what other rules should guide you when choosing your wedding styling.

What outfit you wear to the wedding should also be in accordance with the nature of the party. If it is not explicitly indicated on the invitation, it is worth asking the bride and groom what the reception room and the decorations they have chosen will look like. The weddings organized in the summer look different and those that are to take place in the winter have a slightly different climate. It is also important to choose a style that suits the season of the year and the conditions outside. It is also important that we feel as comfortable as possible in the chosen outfit

On Polish weddings there are still many conventions of dress. Some of them are already treated as old-fashioned superstition, but it is worth taking them into account, so as not to offend anyone with your outfit. Some believe that the color white on the wedding day is reserved only for the bride and none of the guests should have a dress in this shade. Also, a dress in black is not always a good choice for a wedding. Many people believe that this color is clearly associated with mourning ceremonies.

How to dress for a wedding? What is worth remembering?

Which colors are better avoided at a wedding?

When choosing a dress for the wedding of a family member or a friend it is better to resign from those in white, beige or ecru. On that day it is important for the bride to feel special – her dress is supposed to emphasize that. Especially since there are plenty of colors that will work perfectly as a wedding dress shade

If you like styling in bright colors, you can bet on pastels. Currently in fashion are wedding dresses in powder pink, lavender or nude. In guides on the wedding dress code we can often read that you should not wear a red dress. So flashy and intense color can unnecessarily attract the attention of guests, which should be focused on the bride and groom. Distinctive red color can also look unfavorable in souvenir group photographs, when it will stand out too much on so many other styling

Which cuts should be avoided?

Wedding dress code rules are becoming less formal every year. Often the bride and groom themselves want to abandon the very elegant and rigid nature of the ceremony in favor of a more casual one, for example, choosing to have the reception in the garden or under a large tent. However, there are still a few rules that you should follow to make your wedding attire appropriate

The dress should not be inappropriate, especially since, however, most weddings take place in a church. Even if you want to bet on a dress with cleavage and exposed shoulders, it is worthwhile to cover them slightly for the time of the formal part, e.g. by wearing a jacket or a blazer. It is not advisable to choose dresses that are too short and too revealing or have a very deep neckline.

The rule that the color of the dress should be the same as the color of your partner’s tie is long forgotten. Men should opt for simple suits in shades of navy blue and gray. The traditional tie may be replaced with an elegant bow tie. An interesting addition will also be a pocket square or a buttonhole

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