5 Christmas decorations in minimalist style

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5 Christmas decorations in minimalist style
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Christmas decorations can often be gaudy and very colorful. However, not everyone is a fan of such accessories. Monochromatic, delicate and smooth materials and uniform forms are becoming more and more fashionable. Gently glittering lights in one color, uniformly beautiful baubles and subtle chains are now popular. What decorations will be best for your minimalist Christmas tree?

Minimalism for Christmas – it is possible

Are you looking for a minimalist ornament? You can easily find them on the market, you just have to search properly. Here’s how to decorate your home for Christmas in a way that is stylish and subtle but still festive!

1. Order on the table

Let’s start with one of the most important points of the holidays, the table. This is the place where the whole family gathers to celebrate this special time. It doesn’t have to have many decorations to make the Christmas Eve dinner look beautiful. It is enough to bet only on three main elements. One of them is one dominant color. In this case, to be both elegant and festive, white will be perfect. In addition, delicate elements with live twigs in the main role and golden cutlery. Such a table will certainly allow us to expose the dishes. In addition, it will perfectly fit into a minimalist style.

2. Uniform lights

For years on the Christmas tree, as well as on the shelves or even on the balcony in fashion were very colorful lights. However, they are not in good taste. To create a wonderful festive atmosphere, just choose soft lights in one shade that flicker slightly. Bombarding guests with strong colored lights is not advisable. These subtle ones will definitely better create the atmosphere of the world and will not make anyone dizzy. Importantly, you can also place them around the Christmas table. Even there they will look great, especially the tiny and very delicate ones on a light silver string.

3. Minimalist Christmas Tree

Can a Christmas tree be delicate? Yes! Recently there is a trend to decorate the tree with lights in one color, which – attention! – we put from the top to the bottom, not around the conifer. Add a few one-coloured baubles, a small star on top and the most important Christmas decoration is ready to be presented to your guests!

4. How to decorate your kitchen for Christmas?

If you want your kitchen to be in the mood for Christmas, choose subtle decorations for it. A conifer branch with small baubles will look great. Attach it just above the entrance to the kitchen. It will certainly create the right atmosphere while preparing the supper, and it will be subtle and elegant at the same time.

5. Fashionable Christmas accessories

What about the rest of your home? A sofa covered with a red or green throw and white cushions is a great idea. You don’t have to invest in plain textiles with Santa Claus, elves or reindeer motifs. Just play with colors and the atmosphere of Christmas will certainly be well preserved

It does not hurt to put some small Christmas elements here and there. Beautiful, completely white, ceramic reindeer or balls with snow will be enough. The finishing touch will be a wreath on the door. Create it using only green branches and one bigger red bow or buy a ready one. The “wow” effect is guaranteed. And on top of that, it will remain minimalist and elegant!

Main photo: Myriam Zilles/unsplash.com

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