What jewelry would be best for a minimalist?

What jewelry would be best for a minimalist?
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Often less is more – there is a lot of truth in this saying. So if you prefer more discreet accessories and accessories, you should actually have three, maybe four items. Check which ones.

Jewelry – why should you wear it?

Jewelry is the perfect complement to an outfit, it is the icing on the cake of styling. It can also completely change the character of an outfit, making it more elegant, rock or romantic. Even a simple T-shirt and jeans will look better with a necklace or earrings.

Well chosen jewelry will beautifully emphasize our skin tone, hair color or other assets of our figure. Even discreet earrings or necklace can work wonders.

Advantages of minimalistic jewelry

Minimalism is more and more present in various areas of our life. We try to limit consumptive and thoughtless shopping, excessive waste production, water consumption, we clean our space as well as our closet and accessories box.

Minimalist jewelry is simple in form, timeless and universal – there are no large ornaments, huge stones or heavy chains, many pendants or feast of colors. Everything is delicate, toned down, usually in gold or silver.

When you decide on minimalistic jewelry, you should pay attention to its quality – it should last unchanged for many years. After all, we wear it very often, and in many cases even every day. Besides elements made of high quality materials look much better (fake metal or plastic jewelry is not a good choice).

Such accessories we can easily wear every day, to work and for bigger outings. It’s enough to have checked set and there will be no problem with matching it to different stylizations.

Jewelry for minimalist – three or four elements

Jewelry for minimalist actually includes only a few elements that can be worn individually or all together according to preferences or occasion. We are talking about toned down necklace, earrings and a ring, which are not missing on the jewellery market.

When choosing jewelry, also minimalistic ones, it is worth to follow the rule that it should have a shape different from our face. In practice it means that owners of a round face do not look good in, for example, circle earrings and short necklaces. Then they will look even fuller. This is where elongated or triangular screws and dangling necklaces work better.

Rounded jewelry softens square and triangular facial features. However, in the case of the latter, be careful that the earrings do not end at the height of the chin. As always oval faces are in the best situation – almost all designs suit them.


Minimalist necklace may be a celebratory necklace with a subtle pendant, which sits beautifully on the neck, emphasizing clavicles, or a thin chain (alone or with a pendant, for example geometric one). This type of decoration will go well with tops, shirts but also with thick sweaters. It is also worth remembering to choose adjustable necklaces with extensions, so you can decide on their length depending on your tastes or outfit.


When it comes to earrings, the most classic are small circles or simply screws. Then they in no way compete with a necklace and do not draw attention away from us. They are subtle and never go out of fashion, and at the same time they are suitable even for work in the office. Whether silver, gold or gold-plated, they should survive the daily grind.


Here you can choose either single rings (nothing stands in the way of having a bigger stone or being thicker), or several thin ones worn together. Many women choose only the wedding ring and the engagement ring and do not decorate their hands with anything else.

Optional – watch or thin bracelet

Minimalists often opt for bracelets as well – thin and delicate ones perfectly emphasize wrist and look extremely feminine. On the other hand some women cannot imagine leaving home without a watch, which is often the only decoration of their outfit. There are many models with strap or bracelet. It is worth choosing a classic watch which will match almost every outfit.


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