Beverages to reach for in autumn

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Beverages to reach for in autumn
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Autumn has already settled down with us for good. Low temperatures, rain, strong wind and lack of sunshine are the order of the day, which unfortunately has a very negative effect on the body’s resistance. Autumn and winter period is a time when we are more vulnerable to diseases, and viruses and pathogenic bacteria are rampant in the environment. It is important to take care of your health during this time, and warming drinks and infusions can help you support your body. See which drinks you should reach for to strengthen yourself in autumn

Tea – the easiest way to warm up

If after returning from a walk you feel cold or if you got caught in a downpour on the way home, it is necessary to change into dry and warm clothes and make yourself a hot tea. Restoring your body’s needed warmth and warming up as soon as possible after walking in a downpour is a step that can help you avoid weakening your body and thus avoid catching a cold. If you want to further enrich the properties of your tea to support immunity, wait until the liquid cools down a bit and add honey, lemon and ginger. Homemade elderberry, raspberry or black currant syrup has a similar effect. All these additives contain large amounts of beneficial to health vitamins and substances inhibiting the growth of bacteria and viruses

Coffee – a way to stimulate yourself despite the lack of sun

In November, the sun sets very early, which means that most of the day is now spent in the company of artificial light. This has a very negative effect on energy levels in the body, resulting in low motivation to act. Delicious, aromatic and freshly ground coffee beans stimulate in the morning better than any energy drink. It is healthy, gently and gradually raises blood pressure, so it is safe even for people with hypertension. It also contains a lot of antioxidants, so it slows down the aging process in the body and protects against cancer. Providing yourself with a morning dose of energy in the form of a cup of hot coffee increases resistance to cold before leaving the house and stimulates the mind.

Herbal infusions – the magic of natural medicine

At the first symptoms of a cold or weakness, it is worth taking advantage of the benefits of nature. Admittedly, herbs cannot replace medications during an infection, but used early enough, they increase immunity of the body, which fights a cold on its own even before it develops for good. By drinking infusions of medicinal herbs, you can avoid the need to take medications whose effect in the body is lessened with each subsequent use. Tea from elderberry, hibiscus, rosehip or cranberry contains a great deal of vitamin C, which helps the body to fight the disease. At y,205.html you can buy many teas and herbal and fruit blends that will help you avoid infections in autumn

Taking care of your health is especially important in autumn and winter. You should avoid taking medicines too often because they lose their power and your body stops reacting to them. Hot tea with honey and ginger and infusion of basil for cold or marjoram for cough is a great way to help your body to fight infections and build immunity

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