Make-up no make-up. We reveal the secrets of this make-up

Make-up no make-up. We reveal the secrets of this make-up
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Natural looking makeup is becoming more and more popular every year. Its undoubted advantage is that it is not time-consuming, just a few minutes in front of the mirror to look radiant and fresh

No make-up should gently emphasize our beauty and make our face look relaxed and rested. You don’t need a lot of cosmetics to do it, but it is worth having a few really good quality products

No make-up is supposed to give the impression that there is no make-up at all. However, lightly highlighting your beauty makes your face look natural. This is a great solution for women who don’t feel comfortable wearing heavy makeup and who prefer to have their morning coffee and breakfast instead of spending long hours in front of the mirror. How to do a no make-up?

How do I prepare my face for a no make-up look?

When looking for the perfect daytime make-up, it’s worth betting on a natural look that will rejuvenate you and won’t weigh down your face too much. An interesting solution is to wear makeup that looks as if it is not there. To be able to use such a makeup trick, you first need to take care of proper skin care. It is worth taking care of the skin hydration, toning and cleansing, and once a week exfoliate dead skin with a good scrub. Only regular use of these beauty treatments will make the skin radiant and firm. An important task of make-up, even natural make-up, is to even out the skin tone, making a woman in it look rested, sleepy and refreshed. Make-up no make-up should also cover imperfections on the face

How to do make-up no make-up?

Natural make-up – how to cover imperfections?

As we mentioned above, the purpose of make-up is to unify skin tone and cover imperfections, so the first step is to apply the right fluid on the face. It is supposed to hide blemishes, pimples, scars or moles. Foundation should not be too harsh on your skin, it’s great if you find a product with a delicate texture, as close as possible to your natural skin tone. Applying a thick layer of foundation will make it look like a mask, which will give your makeup an artificial effect. You can spread the foundation evenly over your face with your fingers or by using a beautyblender, which is a special makeup sponge. Apply a light concealer to dark circles under the eyes, the back of the nose and visible imperfections. Use mineral powder or transparent powder to set your make-up. Apply warm blush to your cheeks to make sure it looks natural and does not contrast too much with the rest of your face. Don’t forget to blend the blusher to create a soft effect.

Make-up no make-up – how to apply eye make-up?

Now it’s time to move on to the part of the make-up where the eyes play the main role. A natural make-up should only delicately emphasize your eyes, so avoid smokey eyes. A base coat and a palette of beige, cream and brown eye shadow shades will help you to achieve this. You may also like to apply some luminous shadow on the corner of your eye. For a more expressive look, line the lash line with a brown eyeliner pencil, which can be blended gently on the eyelid. Don’t forget about mascara, which should not clump or weigh down your lashes

How to draw the lips in the daytime make-up?

For a no make-up look, you can leave your lips unpainted, but it’s a good idea to keep them moisturized with a transparent balm or lipstick. If you prefer color on your lips, apply a gloss in a soft pink or coral color. When you decide on a lipstick, you should bet on the shade that is closest to the natural color of your lips. To keep the effect light and the cosmetic does not dry out your lips, it is advisable to apply one layer of lipstick and skip the use of a lip liner


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