What can you do to make your daily skincare routine more environmentally friendly?

What can you do to make your daily skincare routine more environmentally friendly?
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Cardboard box instead of plastic, reusable products, cubes instead of liquid, biodegradable materials – eco solutions in the beauty world are not so difficult and unachievable. You just have to want it!

The awareness of caring for the environment and our planet is growing every year – and this is a very good trend. More and more people realize that even small steps, small changes can have a big power.

The beauty industry hasn’t been eco, especially looking at the huge amounts of water and plastic used. Fortunately, more and more brands are opting for eco-friendly and ethical solutions. We, too, should be aware that even the few minutes we spend on our skincare matters. Here’s how to balance our daily routine.

Not tested on animals

Standing in front of a purchase of any cosmetic or looking through your existing dressing table, it is worth paying attention that none of the products have been tested on animals. Often such information can be found on the packaging. Animals should in no way be used for scientific or educational purposes. Such actions cause them pain, suffering, harmful stress, and even permanent damage to the body.

Ecological packaging

Cosmetics, regardless of their consistency or effect, must always have packaging. The catch is that it should not be plastic. Companies are replacing it with cardboard boxes, glass jars and bottles or other recycled materials.

Reusable cosmetic pads

Makeup removal is an incredibly important step in our skin care. Traditional cotton pads are used in bulk every month or year, generating a lot of waste. It is therefore worth reaching for reusable cotton, microfiber or bamboo pads. They are easily accessible and can be washed in a washing machine without any problem.

Shampoos and soaps yes, but in bars

Shampoos and soaps are another skin and hair care products that we use in large amounts. An environmentally friendly solution is to replace standard liquid products with those in bars. Thanks to this, we limit the number of plastic bottles we throw away. In addition, these bars not only take up less space on the shelf, but are also very efficient.

Toothbrush without plastic

Everyday oral hygiene and care is fundamental to our health. You should replace your toothbrush frequently. It’s worth buying one made of biodegradable material, such as bamboo. It cleans our teeth and gums similarly to its plastic counterparts

Say no to wet wipes!

At the end, we left a product which is quite common during makeup removal or morning care. We are talking about wet face wipes (based on synthetic polymers) – convenient, handy and quick to use, but… not environmentally friendly. Used wipes do not always end up in the trash, but, for example, are flushed down the toilet and, as a result, end up in the oceans. They pose a threat to marine organisms and can end up in their digestive system. Regardless of where they end up, they are very resistant to degradation.


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