How to build a capsule closet? 4 rules you should follow

How to build a capsule closet? 4 rules you should follow
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Many women do not have a defined personal style. They buy colorful clothes, which later do not know how to combine. The way out of the situation is a capsule closet, which will allow you to create versatile styling for any occasion. Find out how to create it

What is a capsule closet?

A capsule closet is an ideal solution for women who love minimalism. Thanks to this solution you will avoid long hours spent on inventing outfits. You can easily create an outfit, because in a capsule closet the individual items of clothing match each other perfectly. Well, but from the beginning.

The concept of a capsule closet originated in the 1970s and was popularized by Susie Faux. In such a closet there should be clothes that we can combine with each other in many ways. The idea is that, for example, we can easily match one blouse with all the pants we own. Thanks to this, we can create many combinations from the same elements of our closet. It is best if everything is kept in one tone. This will definitely make our task easier

Creating a capsule closet should of course start with tidying up our closet. Decide which clothes you don’t wear anymore, what you’re missing and what you have too much of. Give up colourful clothes, which you like but you have absolutely nothing to match them with. You don’t have to throw away clothes you don’t wear – you can sell them, give them to the needy or give them to a friend, mom or sister. They will love it.

Choose timeless models

A capsule closet must include timeless models: a little black dress, classic jeans, a perfectly tailored jacket, plain T-shirts with a v-neck (preferably white or black), a black pencil skirt, black or beige stilettos, a classic clutch bag and silver or gold jewelry, depending on your preference

Less is more

This term fits perfectly here. This is what the capsule closet concept is all about. As a rule of thumb, there should be about 30-40 items in a capsule wardrobe. The point is that all these elements should be consistent

It is better to have one blouse that matches both pants and skirt, than to have several colorful, motley blouses that don’t go with anything. Go for simplicity, plain textures and solid colors (browns, beiges, white, black). This applies not only to clothes, but also to accessories – handbags, jewelry and shoes

Bet on quality

The premise of a capsule closet is to have fewer clothes. Then we automatically spend less money, so it is worth investing in better quality clothes. Thanks to this, they will serve us longer.

Avoid synthetic materials, which will quickly become dry after washing. Bet instead on clothes made of cotton, linen, bamboo or wool. These materials are safe for your skin and allow it to breathe, so you do not sweat as much as, for example, clothes made of polyester, which does not let air through. It really is better to buy one decent T-shirt made of 100% cotton than a few bucks made of synthetic materials

Choose classic accessories

As we have already mentioned, it is worth betting on minimalism and classics in accessories. Instead of a set of rings from a chain store, which quickly turn black, buy one silver ring from a jewelry store, which you can wear for many years

Instead of several colorful handbags from chain stores, in which the zipper quickly breaks, bet on leather handbags in classic shades of beige, white or black. Such a universal handbag can be used for every outfit. When it comes to shoes, classic stilettos and white sneakers or sneakers will be enough. You can add to this set also versatile ballerinas, which are perfect for dresses and skirts


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