What to wear to an evening party?

What to wear to an evening party?
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New Year’s Eve and Carnival are coming soon, which means numerous parties, events and receptions. Due to the fact that it is winter, these are usually evening meetings, not outdoor dinners or lunches as in summer. There is a slightly different dress code at a sunset party than at daytime gatherings. See what to wear to an evening party.

Outfit for a dance party

For a party, which involves dancing to music, it is best to wear a dress, because it looks most impressive when dancing. Elegant and richly decorated evening dresses are perfect as outfits for New Year’s Eve party or a carnival ball

A long dress to the ground slenderizes the figure and optically lengthens the body, while short dresses emphasize the legs, and if they are flared, slenderize the waist. Such a dress can be shiny, brocade, sequins, all tricks and decorations are allowed here. Evening dresses have their own rules, and if you do not overdo it with the number of accessories and decorations, you can freely combine them. Glitter and glamour are very much in order here.

Attire for a banquet

Banquets are rather serious events where formal but not dance attire is required. So you can successfully wear pants and a jacket, or even a women’s suit, which are elegant but not party dress. Unless you are going to a banquet to the British queen, you don’t have to pay special attention to the length of the sleeves or the depth of the neckline in your outfit. However, you still need to remember to keep it classy and not expose too much of your body, because that would be inappropriate at a gathering like a banquet

A banquet is not always a feast at the table, sometimes it is also a standing party, where guests do not sit at the table, but circulate around the room. At such a meeting, a cocktail dress, preferably midi length, or a colorful suit will do. A suit will also do, especially if it is elegantly decorated.

Outfit for a gala

Another type of lavish party, which usually takes place after dark, is a gala. Depending on its nature (it can be organized for awards, charity fundraiser and more), you can go a little crazy with your outfit. Styling should be elegant and formal, but a touch of extravagance will not hurt.

Just remember that this is not the MET Gala, so let the extravagance be a scarf with an interesting pattern, and not dressing up as a chandelier or a five-meter gown train. An evening outfit for a gala should rather draw from the classics and be based on fashion from catalogs, not from catwalks. Unless you are Lady Gaga, then you can show off your imagination and creativity and appear in a shocking style

Outfit for a formal dinner

If you are planning to have a formal dinner with your family, loved one or a corporate Christmas Eve at a restaurant, your outfit should match the nature of the place you are going to. Even a Christmas Eve dinner at home should come with appropriate attire, but not as formal as one at an expensive restaurant in a five-star hotel

If you know the name of the place you have been invited to, check online what the place looks like and what the dress code is so you don’t make a mistake. You can wear either pants and a jacket or an elegant dress. The safest choice would be a midi dress with an envelope neckline, which is appropriate for most occasions and you can easily make it more or less elegant.

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