How to decorate your kitchen in a minimalist way?

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How to decorate your kitchen in a minimalist way?
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Decorative accessories can completely change an interior. Although minimalism is rather associated with the absence of decorations, many people choose them to give the interior a more personal touch. We choose decorative elements for the kitchen that will be both aesthetic and functional.

Storage containers

Many of the decorations we have in our homes only collect dust and serve no purpose, so it is worth replacing them with various types of storage containers and boxes. For example, organizers for spices placed on the utility counter will allow you to maintain order, and will also look aesthetically pleasing. Especially identical glass jars will become an interesting and practical decoration of the kitchen, which will always be within reach when cooking

In this category of decorations, it is also worth mentioning decorative wooden boxes for storing tea. It is worth taking care that the boxes are made of a material of natural origin and maintained in one color scheme. Plastic does not look elegant and is harmful for the environment.

Wall calendar

An interesting form of decoration can be a minimalist monthly calendar, which the whole family can use. You can hang it on the fridge or any other visible place in the kitchen

If you are looking for a way to make the space more personal, choose photocalendars with photos of people close to you. Such a calendar will not only have sentimental value, but will also become a practical tool for daily organization and a decoration of your apartment

After a year, you can cut out the photos of your loved ones and put them in a frame or put them in an album. The planners of this type are also an interesting idea for a gift. You can read more about traditional calendars in a modern, personalised edition here:


Mirror in an elegant frame or with an unusual shape will be the decoration of the room, and also reflect the light and optically enlarge the space. If you want to illuminate the kitchen, place it opposite the window. Many people use mirrors to provide more light to plants in the depths of the home

This furnishing element is usually associated with bathrooms and hallways, but mirrors can also work well incorporated into cabinet fronts or as wall trim. Especially in rooms with a small area or in apartments where the kitchen opens up to the living room, the mirror can define the boundaries of different usable spaces. It is a relatively inexpensive accessory and can be used in many different ways in an apartment.

Aesthetic household accessories

As an alternative to typical kitchen decorations that take up valuable space, you can choose better quality home appliances. Depending on individual preferences, these can be, for example, a retro kettle or coffee maker. Original accessories, styled in the 1950s and in elegant shades of écru or fuzzy blue, will be functional on a daily basis and will influence the final look of the kitchen.


A practical kitchen decoration, which will delight any cooking enthusiast, can be an aesthetic wooden herbarium. You can grow aromatic basil, coriander, mint or rosemary in it and add them to your dishes every day. Herbs in pots need a constant source of light and regular watering, but they return the favor with fresh herbs and bring harmony to the room.

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