How do you awaken gratitude in yourself?

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How do you awaken gratitude in yourself?
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According to quantum physics, all manifestations of this world are woven from a single energy of different densities. This includes feelings, and one of the most powerful is the feeling of gratitude.

Gratitude is the act of noticing and appreciating all the good things in your life. With its great power, a person is able to harmonize and improve his or her life on all levels – from mood to health to relationships. Practicing gratitude is about focusing on the good things in life and appreciating them

Practicing gratitude, then, is expressing appreciation for what you have – family, friends, health, career success, talents, opportunities, nature, etc. In doing so, you also reject thinking about the bad and the negative. It sounds simple in theory, but in practice it requires self-awareness and commitment.

1. Make gratitude a habit

Creating new habits takes practice and consistency. This is no different. To start, motivate yourself to work on it for a few minutes a day for a month. Making gratitude a mindset means that you must transform your behavior and thought patterns from negativity to positivity

It won’t happen overnight, but taking just a few minutes a day to practice gratitude will develop a habit in your life.

2. Keep a gratitude journal

Once a week, write down 3-5 things in your life that you are grateful for. Add a reflection on what these things and people mean to you.

This practice allows you to bring to light what has been hiding in the shadows of other feelings, thoughts and issues. You will discover many good things that you may not have paid attention to or taken for granted. The effectiveness of the practice will increase if you focus on specific things, events, people that you want to appreciate.

3. Practice “three good events”

Take 5-10 minutes each evening to detail three positive events of the past day. It doesn’t matter if they are big or small. Even a smile from a stranger or a job turned in on time is enough. Add your thoughts on how you feel and what impact it had on you.

As you think about the sources of these good things, you may notice a huge web of mutual kindness and caring around you. This is especially useful for those who think the world is a hostile place. This practice not only helps you remember and appreciate the positive moments of the past. It also teaches you to notice and savor the positive aspects of the present moment and save them for the future.

4. “Gratitude Jar”

If regular practice is still hard to do, there is another way to feel the power of gratitude – an effective technique for those with limited time. You need: a jar, small pieces of paper, and a pen

Make a list of things and people in your life that you can be grateful for – write each on one piece of paper. Roll them up and put them in a jar that you will place in a prominent place. At any time, but especially during difficult times, reach into the jar and read what you have written on the cards.

Appreciate the world around you

Every day when you go to work, school, or the store, try to find at least 3 things around you that delight you and for which you are grateful. Also appreciate your loved ones and don’t be afraid to say “thank you” out loud to strangers

Usually our thoughts are preoccupied with problems and we don’t notice what is around us. We also forget that nothing or no one is given to us permanently, so we don’t value what we have.

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