8 beauty trends for spring-summer 2021 that all minimalists will love

8 beauty trends for spring-summer 2021 that all minimalists will love
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Care, make-up, hair and nails – what will be fashionable this season? In addition to the explosion of colors, there is a shift towards naturalness and minimalism. Here are the latest trends, which you can easily implement in your life.


The year 2020 has changed our approach to many things, including taking care of ourselves and our daily skin care. With beauty salons and spas closing down, we’ve started to pay more attention to taking care of ourselves in the comfort of our own home. Much more difficult access to professional cosmetic services made us specialize in this area and began to pay more attention to it.


The hottest trend of the season came to our homes straight from Korea. Skinimalism is nothing else but limiting the number of skincare products we own. So our shelves are not overloaded with random cosmetics, but they are to be strictly selected and of high quality. We choose only those that have a good composition and great performance – in no case do we test everything that comes along.

A good solution is also to reach for products from one line, based on the same active ingredients, and for natural cosmetics. Further popular ingredients are hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamin C and aloe vera.

Home SPA

Another beauty trend will be home treatments and rituals, thanks to which we will take care of our radiant and well-rested complexion with a natural glow, but also we will focus on relaxation from everyday matters and duties. We will relax not only the body but also the mind, savoring every moment.

No more quick showers or hasty application of night cream. Now we prepare baths – with oils, cleansing, with the addition of tea. What else will be “on trend”? Dry brushing, which has a beneficial effect on our skin, facial massage, sheet masks (also for the lips) and gel eye patches.


Natural beauty

On the one hand, we will be faced with a rich palette of colors, and on the other, a totally natural look subtly emphasizing the beauty and assets of each of us.

You can forget about “heavy”, highly covering foundation, strong contouring or putting on many layers of make-up. The foundation will be light, with a delicate concealer to even out your skin tone, rather than covering it completely.


Makeup 2021 will be all about thick and furrowed brows. Those with naturally thick and difficult-to-tame eyebrows will not have to make any effort to style them.

Subdued for Day, Strong for Evening

During the day we will paint our eyelids with beige and brown shadows, which will perfectly match every iris. Add black mascara and your eye makeup is ready. A colourless lip gloss or lip balm emphasizing the natural color of the lips will complete the look. In the evening, go wild with coloured eyeliner.


Simplicity is Key

Spring and summer hair styles should be simple and easy to style. This is no time for complicated chignons but rather for loose braids, ponytails and natural looking finger waves. The pixie look and the fringe from the seventies work well for short hair.

Care is essential

No hairstyle is going to look good without taking care of your hair to keep it healthy, shiny and smooth. Their care will be more conscious and often natural, using products available in the kitchen cupboard or refrigerator and various oils and mists. Just as we take care of our skin, the same will happen with our hair.


Minimalists will also like the manicure trends of 2021. In addition to strong embellishments and neon colors, delicate nails in pastel shades will be fashionable, which can be decorated with dots, a gold stripe or a geometric pattern or flowers.


Main Photo: ClaudiK/ adobestock.com

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