How to stylishly combine sports and elegance?

How to stylishly combine sports and elegance?
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Sporty and elegant styles can function separately, but they will also look great when combined. In an appropriate and thoughtful way, mixing elements of sporty and elegant closet can have an excellent effect. Moreover, it can be a good way to combine comfort with elegance. Check out how to do it to look great. 

Combining dresses and sports shoes

This is a solution that has been known to women not since today. On the streets you can see many women wearing sports shoes with dresses. However, does each of them look good? 

When creating such a styling, it is worth thinking carefully. Not every dress will look good with sneakers or sneakers. If it is a daytime dress, for example, a knitted dress – you can boldly wear white sneakers or black sneakers with it! However, if it is an evening, long and elegant dress – it is better to wear stilettos or ballet shoes. You can only take sneakers with you for a change!

Stilettos and a blouse – does it go well?

Of course it does! But also not in every case. A great styling idea is wide mom jeans with holes, to which a short black sweatshirt and black stilettos. At first it may seem that such styling will not look good. However, you would be wrong! Combine it with a small handbag on a chain – and you’re done!

Skirt and sneakers

This is a very prudent and safe way to combine elegant and sporty style. Sneakers are an incredibly comfortable, yet lightweight type of footwear. You can wear them with most dresses and skirts. The combination of pleated white midi skirt, colorful shirt and white sneakers – this is it! The whole combined with your favorite handbag will look great!

Elegant hairstyle and makeup combined with a tracksuit set

Elegance and sports can be combined in various ways. One of them is an elegant hairstyle, full makeup and a tracksuit set. Will it go together? As much as possible. Gently wavy and pinned up hair, to which a shadow on the eyelid and lipstick. This is what will perfectly break the sporty look of a tracksuit. You will stand out in the crowd, and also feel beautiful and comfortable!

Does an elegant handbag and stilettos go with sweatpants?

It all depends on what kind of tracksuit you have. Assuming that it is delicate and contains elements that break its sporty appearance – then yes. Certainly when it comes to a handbag, because the combination of a small clutch bag on a chain with a delicate tracksuit can look phenomenal. As for stilettos – not necessarily. These are shoes usually intended for more elegant and formal styling. However, fashion is fun, so if you feel like wearing stilettos with sweatpants – go ahead! No one can forbid you from doing so!

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