How to host a minimalist wedding reception?

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How to host a minimalist wedding reception?
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Organizing a wedding is always a challenge. After all, everyone wants this special day to be perfect, and there are so many details to take care of! So we suggest what to keep in mind when organizing a minimalistic wedding reception.

Minimalism is a very popular trend lately, so it’s no surprise that it has made its way into the wedding industry. Minimalist wedding receptions are very fashionable right now, but the lack of glamour does not mean that organizing them becomes easier. So we come with help and suggest how to prepare a minimalist wedding.

Minimalist space

Organizing the wedding reception should start with choosing the right place, because minimalism will be hard to achieve in richly decorated spaces. All rooms and restaurants in loft style will be perfect in this role. Such spacious objects will perfectly fit into the style of the wedding. However be careful with them in case of intimate receptions – with minimalistic decorations, large space and small number of guests the reception may turn out to be not very intimate and the interior austere

If you are getting married in a slightly warmer season, wedding tents can also become a great idea for the venue. By themselves, they are not overly decorated, so with the right choice of decorations, they will be the perfect element of a minimalist reception.

Minimalist menu

Minimalism can also be introduced when it comes to the menu. However it does not mean to serve your guests boring and simple dishes. A more important issue will be their serving. Forgo ornate china, for simple plates and cutlery without patterns, and ask the staff to serve the dishes in a simple, geometric way

If you are organizing a small party at home, then of course the question of menu looks a bit different than in the case of a room with restaurant facilities. However, if the party is to be attended by many people, it is worth using catering services, because catering kitchen equipment, such as dough mixers or professional ovens, will allow for quick and efficient preparation and serving of dishes

Wedding decorations

The minimalist style assumes, of course, moderation and elimination of all unnecessary things, but this does not mean that you should completely give up on decorations. In this role it is worth, first of all, to use flowers, which are an inseparable part of wedding receptions. Moreover, decoration can also be effective, but not ornate, tablecloths and decorations standing on the tables, for example vases, figurines or candlesticks. However, choose materials such as wood, glass, cotton and linen, and go for a color scheme of white and black or gray.

Wedding stationery

An inseparable element of every wedding reception is also the stationery. So it is worth taking care of it if you are organizing a wedding. Don’t get carried away with emotions and millions of decorations – if the reception is supposed to be minimalistic, the stationery should be minimalistic as well. Apply here the simple rule “less is more” and eliminate all the unnecessary information, poems and quotes. Instead opt for a striking font. You can also use photos as an interesting motif that fits in with the minimalism, while emphasizing the personalization of the design.

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