Minimalism in travel, or what clothes to pack for a weekend in Poland?

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Minimalism in travel, or what clothes to pack for a weekend in Poland?
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Tired of suitcases taking up all the space in the trunk of your car? You are not doomed to have heavy, bulky luggage hindering your trip, accommodation and return. How many times have you not been able to pack clothes that fit easily in your bag before? Minimalist approach is the solution to your problems! We suggest how to pack smartly and practically for your vacations.

A closet for every occasion

If you do not know what to pack for a trip – bet on the classics. A smooth t-shirt in a neutral color will work for more occasions than patterned blouses. Of course, clothes with interesting prints are tempting, but are you sure you will wear them? If you want to reduce the amount of luggage you carry, opt for pieces that you can use for many different outfits. If solid-colored T-shirts aren’t your style, how about a minimalist, personalized print? Having little luggage doesn’t mean your outfits will be boring and bland. Store allows you to design your own closet, the one that best suits your taste. Take your custom-designed t-shirt or sweatshirt with you and save space that would be taken up by other, impractical clothes.

A capacious handbag – fashionable and practical

A two-week trip across Poland in one suitcase? It is possible! The answer to your problem will be a store with leather goods. All you have to do is to find a place for this essential accessory in your luggage and packing for your trip will immediately become easier. Of course, we are talking about a handbag, which not only looks phenomenal, but also fulfills an important practical function – while traveling you can pack all the things you would prefer to have at hand. The roomy bag will hold personal items such as documents, travel snacks, toiletries, and even your laptop! And once you’re there, it’ll be a great addition to your outfits

Comfy scarf

Practical accessories are the key to small luggage. Now that you’ve brought a roomy purse for your personal belongings, it’s time for a shawl made of soft material. Silk works best for this, but 100% cotton or linen are also good choices. It’s amazing how many uses one closet accessory can have. When you travel by train or car, you can use it as a cover, and when you fold it into cubes, it will replace a pillow. When you reach your destination, you will take it out of your suitcase more than once! Airy shawl will be an irreplaceable travel companion, regardless of the weather. In hot weather it will protect your head from the sun’s harmful rays, and in cool evenings it will warm up your exposed shoulders. This is what minimalism on the road is all about. When one piece of clothing serves multiple functions, you instantly save valuable space in your suitcase.

How important is the destination?

It is extremely important to plan your trip thoroughly before you leave. When you know what awaits you on your trip, you are better able to prepare for it this is just one of the sites that allow you to become more familiar with the characteristics of the place you are going on vacation. Read articles about local attractions and use this knowledge when preparing for your trip. After all, if you are planning a long hiking trip, it will be extremely important to have comfortable athletic shoes and breathable clothing, which, on the other hand, will not come in handy at the beach or at the lake. Adjust the contents of your suitcase to the activities of your trip and enjoy lightweight, practical luggage.


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