How to dress for the office during hot weather?

How to dress for the office during hot weather?
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Hot weather does not exempt us from the obligation to dress elegantly for the office. Unfortunately, choosing the right clothing is not easy. When temperatures reach their zenith, it is difficult not to score a dress code slip-up. However, we have some advice that, if followed, will help you complete your summer closet for the office.

Choose lightweight fabrics

If you want to feel comfortable in elegant clothes in the summer, opt for light and airy fabrics. The flagship fabric ideal for hot weather is, of course, linen. It is thin, natural and, thanks to its hygroscopic values, gives a cool feeling on the skin. A linen shirt or suit will look really elegant, and you will feel comfortable in such styling. Organic cotton lyocell and cupro are also good choices.

Watch out for cut-out clothes

In the summer, it is much easier to be tempted by slightly more cut-out clothes, such as blouses or dresses with cleavage. However, you should pay special attention to see-through or protruding underwear – such a slip-up should not happen, especially in an office dress code. So it’s best to choose well-fitting lingerie in a flesh-colored color that won’t show from under dark fabrics.

Let yourself go a little crazy

There is no doubt that summer is a joyful season. That’s why it’s worth allowing yourself at least a little bit of craziness in your styling, even in your office outfits. Navy stripes, gingham check and even delicate floral prints are patterns that can be subtly introduced into your summer office closet.

Midi lengths

Midi length dresses are ideal for summer office outfits. Short skirts or dresses can look unprofessional, and not everyone looks good in maxi lengths. The midi is the golden mean, especially when the heat is reaching its zenith outside the window. It is also a length that is friendly to most silhouettes.

White shirt

The classic over the classics: the white shirt. Certainly each of us has one in her closet, and those who work in the office even have a few pieces. A white shirt will work whenever we do not know what to wear – it always fits the occasion and looks elegant. If the dress code allows you to do so, you can wear it with jeans. More classic styles also look great, such as combining it with a pencil skirt, a women’s suit or elegant pants.

Opt for classic cuts

In your closet for the office, it’s worth having a few classic clothes that will always be in fashion and look elegant. These include a pencil skirt, a well-tailored jacket, a women’s suit and the aforementioned white shirt. When the day comes when, standing in front of your closet, you find that you have nothing to wear, such basic clothes will come to your rescue.

Don’t forget about your feet

In the summer heat, don’t forget to match your styling with the right shoes. If only the dress code allows you to do so, choose open-toe shoe models, such as sandals. Also remember to take care of your feet – have a pedicure, and apply foot cream the evening before.

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