Hairstyles and makeup for the bride who appreciates classics and minimalism

Hairstyles and makeup for the bride who appreciates classics and minimalism
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In the age of pandemonium, many couples have had to postpone their wedding plans to a later date. However, we hope that in the 2021 season every bride and groom will live to see their dream wedding.

Hairstyle and make-up are very important elements of every bride’s wedding plan. They can perfectly expose the natural beauty of the bride, who should look phenomenal on her wedding day. Wedding trends change every year, but many women opt for classic and timeless solutions. Make-up and hairstyles inspired by simplicity and minimalism are excellent choices for an elegant bridal look. Check out the hairstyles and make-up, which are perfect for this special and unforgettable day.

Hairstyle and make-up are very important elements, which constitute an important setting for a wedding dress. Over the years, styling has transformed a lot, conventions no longer apply, and the bride and groom can maintain their individual style

More and more women instead of strong makeup choose more subtle solutions, which are designed to emphasize the natural beauty. A healthy complexion and a radiant appearance will be a very important aspect. The same applies to bridal hairstyles, where simple updos, soft waves or classic braids are very popular. Above all, the hair on the wedding day should be shiny and healthy. Such a look ensures that the bride is not disguised as someone else and can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Delicate Wedding Makeup

Illuminated complexion

The basis of any wedding makeup is a perfect, radiant complexion. In recent years, the place of heavy evening makeup has been taken by natural and delicate proposals that are meant to enhance the bride’s beauty. The best way is to emphasize the complexion with illuminating products that give the skin a radiant and healthy look. Such make-up will certainly appeal to women who do not like to overdo the amount of cosmetics on their face

Blush in the leading role

Makeup can perfectly emphasize the romantic nature of the event. A blush of warm color can be applied to the cheeks. Delicate highlighting of cheekbones will make every bride look charming and girly. This treatment will also slim the face and make it more symmetrical.

Makeup in nude colors

An awesome way to make an interesting wedding makeup is to bet on colors in nude tones. Brown eye shadow will sharpen the look and make the eye look more open. Apply bronzer on the cheeks and the sides of the forehead for a beautiful finish.

Simple Bridal Hairstyles

Updos with Natural Hair Additions

A great way to create a unique yet simple bridal hairstyle is updos with decorations made of natural flowers. Delicate garlands combined with a seemingly careless chignon can give a nonchalant style, which is very much in demand among brides-to-be. This type of solution will look fantastic especially on weddings where the theme is boho or rustic accents

Hollywood waves

Soft waves are a classic look on every bride’s hair. The soft wavy look works well with long or mid-length hair and adds a sophisticated touch to any hairstyle. They are quick and easy to style and therefore appeal to fans of minimalism

The elegant ponytail

A very popular hairstyle in recent years is the glamorous ponytail. They are very easy to do and the result is a gorgeous bridal hairstyle. It is advisable to tie the hair with a silk ribbon or a pin decorated with pearls for added elegance.


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