Minimalism in cosmetic bag – which products are not essential in it?

Minimalism in cosmetic bag – which products are not essential in it?
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We are used to having a lot of cosmetics. We let ourselves get caught up in various promotions, opportunities or advertisements and buy new, often unnecessary products. Raising the level of awareness and care for the environment makes us increasingly rely on minimalism in cosmetics. Proper skin care and makeup can be done with really basic products. We invite you to make a cosmetic examination of conscience and sum up how many products and preparations you actually do not use or do it only occasionally

A lot of cosmetics can be replaced by multifunctional products. Homemade cosmetics, which you can make yourself using a few simple ingredients, are also becoming increasingly popular. Very often, manufacturers operating in the beauty industry want to encourage us to buy things that are completely unnecessary. It is worth going to the drugstore not to succumb to persuasion and buy products that we actually need. We do not think that testing or experimenting with cosmetic novelties is bad, but you should do it wisely. Many cosmetic mishaps can be avoided by buying products suitable for our skin type. Moreover, a better choice will be cosmetics with a simple and natural composition than those containing artificial dyes and preservatives. Here are a few products that are totally unnecessary and only waste your money on them

5 unnecessary cosmetics you should skip

  1. Lip scrub – gently scrub your lips by massaging them with a toothbrush or applying a mixture of honey and brown sugar
  2. Mask in a sheet – a mask applied to the face gives great results and is wonderfully relaxing, but buying a mask in a sheet is not an eco-friendly option. You can easily replace it by using serums or homemade masks. You can achieve the effect of a sheet by applying a towel dampened with water on your face
  3. Moisturizing cosmetics for specific body parts – You can often find creams and lotions dedicated to specific body parts in drugstores. While cosmetics for hands or face are justified, you can skip the cream dedicated to the neck
  4. Hair RemovalCream – Hair removal creams are meant to help remove unwanted body hair, but without a razor or epilator, it’s hard to do. Don’t want to irritate your legs while shaving? Exfoliate before epilating and use a shower gel afterwards
  5. Foundation- A foundation is designed to make your makeup last longer and spread evenly. You can achieve the same effect by moisturizing your face with the right cream, preferably one that contains a UV filter


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