How to style your eyebrows this spring?

How to style your eyebrows this spring?
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Eyebrows are the frame of our face. Their shape and color can influence how we look and how others perceive us. What eyebrow makeup will be trendy this spring?

How to style my eyebrows?

Before we get into the makeup trends, let’s take a look at the types of eyebrow styling products on the market today:


The ones designed for your eyebrows usually contain wax, which apart from giving you the desired color, keeps your hair in check. Be sure to sharpen it well before use, especially if you want to precisely define individual hairs.


This does not have to be a product designed only for eyebrows. You can use eye shadow if it is the right color for you. However, they are less long-lasting than a pencil and you also need a slanted brush.


A very precise product, but it requires proper work and technique. It’s great for touching up individual hairs. It has an incredible durability, sometimes it is even waterproof.

Eyebrow gel

Something for people who do not need to fill in or touch up their eyebrows. The purpose of the gel is to keep the hairs in the shape we have arranged and to darken them slightly. It can be used after you finish your makeup with shadow, crayon or pomade.


You can use a special, designed for eyebrow styling, as well as ordinary, transparent bar soap. Take a dab of soap on a moistened brush and brush out the hairs. This will fix the desired shape of your eyebrows.

Fluffy brows

Fluffy brows are a well-known trend from previous years. It has tentatively tried to creep into make-up trends and has succeeded in doing so. The eyebrows should be fluffy and dishevelled. Even single hairs growing outside their contour are acceptable. The most important point of such make-up is to comb the hairs upwards and fix them in this position. For this you can use a colored gel to further emphasize their color, but just as good is the fixation on soap. For this you will need a suitable brush and a bar of clear soap. You can use shadow, crayon or pomade to touch up individual hairs. However, they must be thin and precisely done.

Undone brows

The recipe for undone brows is simple – leave them as they are. You don’t have to remember about plucking unruly hairs regularly or using thickening conditioners. Such eyebrows are characterized by total nonchalance. If you absolutely have to look after your eyebrows, you can use a clean, dry eyebrow brush while applying your make-up. This trend will especially work in hot weather, when we will try to apply as little cosmetics as possible on our face

No brows

Something absolutely novel and extravagant in the makeup world – no brows! Make-up artists recommend camouflaging them with concealer or foundation. This way they should melt with the skin and remain almost invisible. You may also lighten your hair with lemon juice. This trend was started by Giambattista Valli and Drome at their fashion shows. It was created for fair-haired women with porcelain complexions. Such makeup will perfectly enhance the color of the eyes and soften the sharp features of the face.

Thin Curves AD 2001

A quick trip back twenty years, and a veritable opposite to fluffy brows. Thin plucked brows, adored by Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera, are back in favor again. The forerunner of this trend was Rihanna who wore the thread-thin eyebrows on the cover of British Vogue. Make-up aficionados are a little wary of this trend – the trend for thick eyebrows meant that there was no need to take the time to precisely adjust them. Could it be that beauty trends have once again come full circle?

Straight eyebrows

Straight eyebrows are a trend that TikTok users have gone crazy for. The creators of these makeup videos specifically pluck or shave the curved end with tweezers to give their eyebrows a completely straight shape. The makeup method, loved by Kendall Jenner, makes the look gain depth and appear more mysterious


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