How to bring autumn into our interior? Learn about the latest design ideas

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How to bring autumn into our interior? Learn about the latest design ideas
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Autumn weather outside the window is the perfect opportunity to bring a bit of warm and cozy atmosphere into the house. There is no doubt that with the right accessories we can change the interior beyond recognition and make staying in it even more pleasant. We present a handful of inspirations to bring a truly autumn atmosphere to your home!


For many of us, the symbol of autumn are pumpkins. This vegetable is not only tasty, but can also be a fantastic decoration. With a variety of shapes and colors, we can create amazing arrangements without much effort. If the rooms in your house are decorated in Scandinavian or glamorous style, bet on pumpkins in white color. For loft style, orange and black ones will be perfect.

Dried flowers

Although the season for fresh flowers gathered in the meadow or garden is slowly coming to an end, their worthy successors are dried flowers. Here we can not fail to mention pampas grass, which is the queen of autumn compositions. Ideally matched with it, for example, cotton and hydrangea. Flowers in shades of orange will also work great.

Heather and lavender

Autumn is a time not only of orange, gold and brown, but also of purple and burgundy. Perfectly reminded of this are heather and lavender flowers, for which the season is coming. These plants blend beautifully in pots, they give the interiors a nostalgic atmosphere. They also look great when combined with gold and transparent glass.


This tasty gift of autumn can be used not only to eat, but also to decorate the apartment. Just arrange the fruit on a glass platter lined with leaves, and put small pumpkins and chestnuts between them. Such a decoration looks beautiful, and on top of that, how it smells!

Gifts of the forest

If you are looking for inspiration for autumn decorations, go to the forest. Nature at this time of year shares with us what is most beautiful. Chestnuts, pinecones and acorns are a great base for autumn decorations. Add dry leaves, a bit of rocks and in a transparent glass dish you can create a really great composition. We are limited only by our imagination!


In autumn, when the days are getting shorter and the evenings are getting longer, it is worth taking care of mood lighting. It will bring an amazing atmosphere to the apartment and help deal with the autumn chill. It’s a way to relax after a hard day’s work.

In autumn, we recommend getting atmospheric lanterns and candles. Their light is gentle and subtly reflects off the walls and furniture, creating a soft golden glow. In addition, they are a great interior decoration.

Cozy textiles

There is nothing more pleasant than to hide under a warm blanket with a mug of steaming cocoa on a cool, rainy autumn evening. Soft plaids can serve not only a practical function in our apartment, but also a decorative one. It is enough to spread blankets in a consistent autumn color scheme, choose matching pillows and curtains, so that the interior takes on a cozy atmosphere and encourages you to spend time in it.

Door ornaments

When decorating the house for autumn, it is worth taking care not only of the interior, but also of the space in front of it. A decorative wreath on the door will perfectly introduce the autumn atmosphere to all those who enter. You can buy it in the store or make it yourself, using colorful leaves, small apples, pinecones and rowan branches.

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