Minimalist jewelry with a Polish label that we want to own

Minimalist jewelry with a Polish label that we want to own
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Do you love minimalistic jewelry that you can wear every day and on holidays? If so, you must get to know Polish brands, which for years have been passionately creating classic, minimalistic, high quality jewelry for elegant, self-confident women

Jewelry adds to our charm, highlights our beauty and is a great complement to styling. We present you brands that offer minimalistic jewelry, perfect for every day


Our native brand, whose beginnings date back to 1977. It was then that Adam Rączyński opened his first workshop. A few years later his brother Piotr joined him and the company started to flourish. In 1997 the first Apart salon in Poland was opened. In 2007 Aneta Kręglicka became the ambassador of diamonds. In 2010 world famous Polish model Anja Rubik became the face of the brand.

The brand has many successful campaigns behind it. It offers its customers elegant, classic jewelry for any occasion – engagement, wedding, anniversary, or simply as a gift. Our attention was caught by necklaces made of silver with medallions – a perfect proposal for work

Ania Kruk

The brand’s history began in 1840, when Leon Skrzetuski opened a small goldsmith shop in Poznan. In the 19th century, the workshop was taken over by his nephew Władysław Kruk, and it was then that the name Kruk appeared on the brand’s signboard. The year 2012 saw a breakthrough, with Ania Kruk and Wojtek Kruk creating a new brand – Ania Kruk

The brand values noble materials, simplicity and elegance. If you are looking for minimalist jewelry for everyday use, this is the perfect place to look for real gems. We especially liked the Cosmo collection . Minimalist designs, different lengths – the perfect choice for lovers of classics


The founder of the brand is Magdalena Mousson-Lestang. The brand creates unusual jewelry and its designs are registered and protected at the Patent Office. The bracelets on a string available in many colors and the pendants with the possibility of engraving are probably already known to everyone. It is a perfect proposal for a personalized gift which the gifted person will never part with.

In addition, the brand offers minimalist necklaces, bracelets and rings. Men will certainly like the necklaces with immortals and elegant, classic card cases


Sote is a family brand founded by Elena and Janek Lewczuk. The main goal of the brand is to create timeless jewelry for every occasion, which will delight mothers, grandmothers and daughters. The brand’s designs are minimalism in its pure form. Delicate circle earrings, simple rings without stones, necklaces with metal pendants, are the perfect proposal for both young and mature women. This is jewelry for every generation

W. Kruk

This is one of the oldest jewelry brands in Poland. Its history began in Poznan in 1840, when Leon Skrzetuski opened a salon where he produced jewelry for the Church and liturgical equipment. In 1893 the company was taken over by his nephew Władysław Kruk and in 1974 by his son Wojciech Kruk.

The first salon was opened in Poznan in 1970. The brand cooperates with many celebrities, including Kinga Rusin, Alicja Bachleda-Curuś and Martyna Wojciechowska. W.Kruk offers classic jewelry of the highest quality, ideal for the office, a date, a wedding or a meeting with friends. Minimalist necklaces match both casual outfits and evening dresses. One thing is certain – in jewelry from this brand you will dazzle


The founder of the brand is Agnieszka Rosa. Initially, jewelry design was supposed to be just a diversion from her work as an architect, but it turned into a great passion. When Agnieszka Rosa founded the company, she was only 22 years old! Impressive, right?

What distinguishes jewelry brand Rosa? Certainly the fact that it is handmade with the utmost precision. Classic rings, earrings and necklaces are the perfect complement to any styling.

All the brands we’ve mentioned have one thing in common – a love for beauty, tradition and family. That is where their success lies


Main photo: Jeremy Moeller/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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