How to decorate a terrace in a minimalist style?

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How to decorate a terrace in a minimalist style?
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Minimalist in form – this is the idea behind the minimalist patio design, without excessive decoration and trinkets. So what should you go for in order to give the room a certain something? We give you a hint!

The pandemic has turned the lives of many of us by 180 degrees, for example in terms of renovations and furnishing homes. The fashion for minimalism began to reign in many industries, especially in the decorative one. The measure of comfort became simplicity and moderation in arranging rooms in a house or apartment. Now, because the weather is good and spring is in full swing, we will focus on the terrace, where we spend a lot of time. How to arrange it in a minimalist style to delight with its design?

A small space that impresses with its functionality

Whether you just want to decorate your terrace or you decide to do a general renovation, spring is the perfect time to change something in this space. A terrace should be a place where we can catch our breath after a hard day, rest and calm down, so the more sparingly it is arranged, the better

It is worth arranging it in a minimalistic style, which is a perfect symbiosis of both cool design, considerable space, but also allows for keeping things in order, and it does not become a junk heap.

The main idea that should guide us when decorating a terrace in a minimalist style is its functionality, and this in any situation, regardless of whether you have a large or small terrace space. The key to furnishing such a space is to strike a balance between the utilitarian elements on the terrace and a purely decorative design

Sometimes terraces are also used for social gatherings, e.g. for barbecues. In this case, we must take this possibility into account at the planning stage. Then when decorating it, it is worth betting on functional accessories, not just decorations, because it becomes a place for both active and passive recreation, so it should be both safe and comfortable

Choose furniture and accessories with a simple form and light shades

The color scheme in the minimalist style focuses on bright colors, mainly shades of gray, beige and white. A strong sticking point characteristic of this style is the focus on detail, as it will be responsible for the final effect. For the terrace, garden furniture made of technorattan (a popular material typically used in gardens) or wood will be suitable, because these are durable materials, but also look spectacular in the garden or balcony space.

When decorating the terrace in a minimalist style we should avoid accessories with extremely expressive patterns. It is worth betting on furniture in a uniform form, for example matching chairs with a table. The whole should harmonize.

However, if you are looking for cheaper furniture, you may opt for plastic ones. However, we have to bear in mind that such equipment will not last long and it may also look a bit tacky, which will make the terrace space look unattractive

Plants on the terrace. The more green, the better

When decorating a terrace in a minimalist style, we cannot forget about plants. The terrace will not be as charming without flowers. What plants should we put there and, above all, where?

We mainly put plants in pots and boxes on the terrace . Flower boxes should be made of ceramic or stone, as plastic ones might look too tacky. An interesting solution is to place them in wicker baskets, e.g. in the same shade as the garden furniture. What plants look best on a terrace and fit in with a minimalist design? Velvet, petunia, pansies, as well as verbena and… basil!


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