Herbs for beauty – which plants make us more beautiful?

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Herbs for beauty – which plants make us more beautiful?
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The fashion for eco-friendly living is in full bloom. This aspect also applies to cosmetics, care and beauty. With the help of popular herbs we can take care of the appearance of skin, hair and nails.

No one needs to be convinced of the power of herbs. They allow to cure various health ailments, they often look and smell beautiful. With their help we can take care of our beauty. Infusions, teas, ointments and extracts made of natural herbs can work better than expensive cosmetics.

Dried nettle leaves

Speaking of herbs for beauty, it is impossible not to mention nettle. This popular “weed”, which we associate mainly with unpleasant body burns, has great power in the fight for beauty. In herbal stores we can buy dried nettle leaves and ready-made express teas

Just pour water over dried nettle leaves and let them steep for a few minutes under a lid. Regularly drinking nettle tea has many advantages:

  • it removes excess water from the body – we counteract swelling and puffiness, which bothers many ladies (especially in the second phase of the cycle). It also helps to fight water cellulite;
  • strengthens nails;
  • strengthens hair and accelerates its growth;
  • a strong infusion is perfect for washing the face – it will help in the fight against acne, blackheads and oily skin;
  • rinse your hair after washing with the cooled strong infusion. The hair will become stronger and shinier;
  • strong nettle infusion may help in the fight against dandruff and oily scalp. It should be included in your daily hair wash.


Many of us associate sage with gargles for sore throats. However, this is not the only use of this aromatic herb. Sage has a strong antiseptic and astringent effect. It will help in fighting changes in the mouth (abrasions, aphthous) but also in wounds on the skin. It is perfect for rinsing wounds, acne changes on the face and small cuts.

Sage infusion can be used to wash tired eyes. This herbal remedy can also soothe intimate infections. Regularly drinking clary sage infusion can help fight excessive sweating. Sage also inhibits excessive lactation and aids digestion.


Another herb in the service of our beauty is impatiens. The juice of this inconspicuous and fragile flower has great power. It has a cleansing and antiseptic effect – it perfectly deals with skin lesions, acne, allergic rashes and eczema. In addition, impatiens accelerates wound healing.

In addition to soothing irritation and inhibiting redness of the skin, impatiens also moisturizes it. The antiseptic effect is therefore not accompanied by excessive drying of the skin. Impatiens flower extract is a remedy for androgenetic alopecia. Regularly rubbing the herb extract into the scalp strengthens the hair roots and stimulates hair growth.

Dried field horsetail

Another inconspicuous beauty herb is field horsetail. The plant owes its extraordinary power to silicon. The presence of this element in the plant causes its beneficial effect on the condition of skin, hair, nails and bones.

Field horsetail strengthens and seals blood vessels. It helps fight varicose and spider veins. An infusion of horsetail helps reduce heavy periods. The diuretic properties help remove excess water from the body.

Horsetail rinse is a great hair conditioner. By using it, your hair will become shiny, soft, bouncy and strong.

Main Photo: Annie Spratt/unsplash.com

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