4 minimalistic nail styles that are perfect for Halloween

4 minimalistic nail styles that are perfect for Halloween
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The Halloween night of terror is approaching and for women it means a chance to shine with a themed manicure. Here you can go wild and let yourself go for a “lavish” style or go the other way and opt for minimalism.

The proposals we have chosen are sure to appeal to every woman who knows that less is better.


The colors most associated with Halloween are of course black, white and orange. There is also blood red, poisonous green and magical purple. Since it is autumn outside the windows, nothing prevents you from adding beiges, browns and a touch of gold to this palette as well. With so much to choose from, you can create a simple yet unique and atmospheric look with just a few colors.

Patterns and Accents

You can also opt for subtle patterns and thematic accents. Ghosts, bats, cobwebs and spiders, pumpkins, but also cats and drops of blood, stars and moons reign here. For those who prefer something more unusual, there are motifs such as zombies, mummies, aliens or characters from classic horror movies. The placement is unlimited – tips or corners of the nails, design on each finger or only on one, one element or several. The most important thing is of course moderation.

Long or short?

Halloween is a good opportunity to experiment with the length and shape of your nails, especially if you decide on a really minimalistic style. A simple Halloween-colored French manicure or a black and red gradient will look more spooky and atmospheric on longer and pointed nails.

Halloween hairstyles 2021

Ghosts. After all, Halloween is the holiday of ghosts. The advantage of this pattern is its versatility and simplicity – white ghosts will work perfectly on any background and do not require special skills.

Bloody. All you need is a bloody accent in the form of drops or smudges and every hairstyle gets a spooky vibe. Red hair colour looks even more effective when combined with elegant black.

French style variations. Classic French nails can be enlivened in many ways, by using Halloween colors or thematic accents. You can add a pumpkin, a black cat, a bat, a spider web or a devil at the end of one nail. Another option is to add stitch-like lines.

Contrasts. A combination of black with more expressive colors, such as orange or lush green looks exceptionally good. Adding even a small color accent adds a unique touch to the look.

Here are some inspirations for minimalistic hairstyles to get your friends excited.

Main Image: allison christine/unsplash.com

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