Is it worth washing hair with water alone?

Is it worth washing hair with water alone?
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More and more people are opting for conscious hair care. We choose natural cosmetics that do not have unwanted chemicals in their composition. Some hair maniacs have gone a step further and started using water alone to wash their hair. Is it possible and healthy to clean them without using a washing cosmetic? 

Why use water-only washing?

The water-only, or WO, washing method has become popular because of its minimalist form. No cosmetics are needed for it, so it may seem like an economical and eco-friendly option. Hair maniacs embarking on the WO adventure hope that it will significantly improve the condition of their hair. 

How is it supposed to work?

The goal of using WO is to work on regulating the amount of sebum – a substance produced naturally by the body as part of providing protection and moisturizing the hair. By using shampoos with strong detergents (SLS, SLES and others) we make even more of it. This results in hair becoming oily very quickly. 

The WO method is supposed to distribute sebum throughout the hair and thus provide natural hydration and protection. 

How do you wash your hair using the water-only method?

  • Start by massaging your scalp to help produce more sebum.
  • Brush your hair with a brush, preferably one with natural bristles, to distribute the sebum throughout your hair.
  • Wash your hair slowly and thoroughly with warm water to dissolve dirt. Do this in batches and be patient. 
  • Finally, also massage your scalp with your fingertips. This will stimulate hair growth and wash away any remaining dirt. 
  • Rinse your hair with cool water.

It is best to wait with the first WO wash until your hair is heavily oily. Use the method for at least six weeks. Only then can you expect results. Keep in mind that your hair may get oily quickly during this time. 

Does washing with water alone work?

Water only is a very time-consuming method. It’s also not a sure thing – you don’t know how your hair will react to this way of washing. Most of the women who use it admitted that they do not notice a difference in their hair’s oiliness. This method is also advised against by dermatologists and trichologists.

Harmful effects of sebum

Although this substance is produced by the skin itself, it can have a negative effect on the scalp. Unwashed and accumulating in increasing amounts, sebum can cause irritation and inflammation, clogged hair follicles and pimples and eczema. 

Another important issue is water hardness. The success of the WO method in no small part depends on it. In addition, water is not able to wash away some impurities, especially those from the air. If you want to use natural hair care, there are special cosmetics for this, which do not have unnecessary chemicals in the composition. This will certainly be a better option than experimenting with WO.

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