Here are 4 hairstyles, which every fan of the classics will appreciate this spring

Here are 4 hairstyles, which every fan of the classics will appreciate this spring
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Bobs, waves, ponytails and braids are some of the most versatile and timeless hairstyles that will always look good. They are still going to do their best in the coming months!

Every woman adorns her hair, whether it is long, short, straight, curly, blonde, black, red or whatever. It accentuates our character and personality and gives us a lot of subtlety and spice. The haircut should fit your face shape and type of your beauty as well as your hair type. The same applies to hair colouring. It is best to get a haircut by a professional hair stylist, who will not only choose the right color but also its shade and intensity.

Fans of classic solutions will be pleased to know that timeless bobs, waves and braids are in vogue this spring. There is even a chignon, although in a slightly lighter version. Remember: If you feel good about the hairstyle, you look good wearing it too.

The Bob in Several Versions

The bob is one of the most classic women’s hairstyles, which is also cult and very versatile, and certainly very feminine. The bob is a classic women’s hairstyle with a cult following, versatile and certainly very feminine. The bob is a great way to look younger and is suitable for naturally straight or curly hair.

The hair is usually cut at chin level, but there are many variations on this style, including shorter backs and longer sides, a tousled or even teased look, wavy or casual strands. The possibilities are endless. Bold colors, beige and natural shades also look very appealing.

This spring we are going to opt for soft bobs, a softer version of the classic bob. What does this mean? Most of all, we avoid sharp angles and bangs, leaving the hair slightly unkempt and tousled.

Waves Are Not Always Tame

Waves have been a classic since ancient times. You can see this style in many paintings. Long flowing wavy hair was the epitome of femininity.

Especially natural waves do not require excessive styling or modelling. Waves can be created by leaving them to dry naturally (without using a hair dryer), by blow-drying mousse through the hair, by applying texturising spray or by overnight braiding.

Easygoing ponytails are always in fashion

The ponytail is a style that has been with us since childhood. It is versatile, suits every woman and, despite appearances, fits many hairstyles and occasions. The ponytail is a very comfortable solution, which is also easy to vary. It all depends on how high you gather your hair, whether you style it sideways or sideways, whether you style it straight or unkempt.

In addition, hair elastics play a big role. Sure, they can be transparent or delicate, but this spring it’s best to go for large and soft scrunchies – colourful, patterned, eye-catching and a beautiful complement to your look. Additionally, scrunchies with a scarf are a hit, transforming a simple ponytail into an interesting hairstyle.

Braids – sometimes one, sometimes two

As we’ve been talking about ponytails, we also have to mention braids, which are an accessory in their own right. They are known for thousands of years and still many women can not imagine to give them up. This is one of the most classic hairstyles, which is quite easy to create and, above all, very comfortable to wear, both for everyday wear to work and for big events.

Now it’s time for the comeback of large, clip-in braids, from the French braid to the Dutch braid to the waterfall braid. Here you can climb to the heights of creativity and create fancy updos using all your hair or just selected strands.


Main Photo: Kirstin Sinclair/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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