How to take care of eyebrows and eyelashes?

How to take care of eyebrows and eyelashes?
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Eyebrows are the frame for both our eye and our entire face. Beautiful eyelashes, on the other hand, emphasize the look and give it depth. That’s why proper care of eyebrows and eyelashes is extremely important and can affect our appearance. Check out how to properly care for them.

Eyebrow care

Eyebrows that are too sparse or not adjusted can ruin even the most beautiful and careful makeup. Let’s remember that eyebrows are the frame of our face and can affect its perception – change facial features, rejuvenate, age or emphasize natural beauty.

We can easily take care of our eyebrows at home. In order to provide the hair with the right nutrients, we do not need frequent visits to a beautician. With systematic care, our eyebrows can become thicker, making it easier for us to give them a shape that fits our face. There are many ready-made cheeses and conditioners on the market that will strengthen our eyebrows, although specifics prepared from ingredients we have in the kitchen work just as well. To keep the hairs healthy and thick, a proper diet, rich in vitamins and minerals, is also key.

Eyebrow conditioners

Eyebrow conditioners are most often used to rebuild our eyebrows, such as after a poorly performed adjustment or when the hairs are genetically weakened. Their composition usually contains vitamins A, E, silk proteins and hyaluronic acid. For best results, conditioners are recommended to be applied daily, after cleansing the facial skin.

Home remedies for more beautiful eyebrows

To strengthen your eyebrows, there is no need to buy ready-made conditioners from the store. Home remedies like nettle poultices, which is commonly used for hair loss, work just as well. Containing vitamins A, C, E, K, B2, manganese copper and iron, it makes hair stronger and more resistant. Poultices of ground coffee or green tea infusion work just as well.

Eyelash care

Eyelashes are worth taking care of regularly not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for health reasons. Their main function is to protect the eye from pollution. Remember that the loss of 1-2 eyelashes per day is completely normal. The life cycle of a hair is about 3 months, and new eyelashes grow back very quickly. However, the problem is when more eyelashes fall out than the accepted norm. Then we may be dealing with poor skin care or diet.

How to properly perform eyelash makeup removal?

Eyelashes highlighted with mascara can look captivating, but makeup, or rather its improper removal, can lead to their weakening. When washing off mascara, apply a cotton swab soaked in makeup remover to the closed eye and count to 30. During this time, the detergent itself will dissolve the applied mascara. Then gently move the cotton swab downward, pulling any remaining mascara from your lashes.

If your lashes are extremely delicate, avoid using waterproof mascaras, which are difficult to wash off. Removing them usually requires more intense rubbing, which can damage the hairs and cause them to fall out.

Home remedies for beautiful eyelashes

For eyelashes, as for eyebrows, you can use ready-made conditioners available in drugstores. However, it’s worth trying home remedies first to improve the condition of the hairs. One of them is rubbing castor oil into the eyelashes. The first effects will be visible after a month. Applying vitamin E, available at the drugstore, works just as well. Both of these products will make eyelashes more flexible and grow better.

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