How to do nude makeup?

How to do nude makeup?
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Often, the rule to incorporate into your makeup habits is “less is more”. And it is according to this principle that nude makeup was created. This is a delicate make-up, in natural shades, which will suit every woman. So how do you do it?

Nude make-up has become very popular in recent years and for good reason. It does not take long to apply and you can be sure to look your best. It is a make-up style that suits everyone no matter what your type of beauty. After all, its purpose is to emphasise your natural strengths. How do I do it step by step?

Step 1: Make-up base

To keep your make-up looking beautiful all day long you should first apply a base. Choose a base that suits your skin type. Make sure it’s formulated with the best quality ingredients to avoid clogged pores and imperfections. Moisturising or light mattifying foundations work well.

Step Two: Foundation

When choosing a foundation for your nude makeup, look for something lighter. We don’t want your face to look artificial and porcelain-like but natural and fresh. So choose a foundation with light coverage and texture. And remember, when it comes to nude makeup, it’s quality that counts, not quantity. So apply a small amount of foundation with a slightly dampened makeup sponge. When it comes to quality, Bourjois is the right choice. Our favourite is the Healthy Mix foundation.

Step three: concealer

It is also a good idea to apply a bit of concealer. Make sure that the concealer is slightly lighter than your foundation. Especially under the eyes to even out dark circles and on blemishes to hide them.

Step four: mattifying powder and bronzer

To fix your makeup, you should also apply a mattifying powder. But don’t apply it all over your face to avoid the mask effect. A little bit on your T-zone, chin and under your eyes is enough. For nude make-up you don’t need to use a lot of contouring powder

Step Five: Eyebrows

Your eyebrows should not play a major role in your nude make-up. This is why it is a good idea to comb your eyebrows with a soap. However, if your eyebrows are missing, you can use a pomade to blend them in and then comb them out to give them a natural look. Also, make sure your eyebrow products are as close to your hair color as possible.

Step Six: The Eyes

If you want to highlight your eyes, it’s a good idea to choose a shadow palette in different shades of brown and beige. Apply the light matte shadow on the upper lid and the slightly darker one on the crease of the eyelid and blur it carefully. You may also draw a line on your eye. However, skip the black eyeliner for a soft brown shadow. Finish by carefully masking your eyelashes to avoid unsightly clumps.

Step Seven: Lips

The last step is the lips. You may accentuate them with a matte nude liquid lipstick or a delicate gloss. An interesting option are lip glosses with chilli or cayenne pepper, which naturally enlarge your lips. Remember, however, that even the best lipstick will not look good on dry lips, so before applying the product it is worth taking care of them with a scrub and moisturizing lipstick or petroleum jelly.

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