What can we do to make our daily care more eco?

What can we do to make our daily care more eco?
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Ecology is increasingly present in our lives. We learn to travel ecologically, cook, shop, throw away trash… We can also take care of our bodies in an eco-friendly way. How? We present proven ways in the following article!

Use reusable cosmetic pads

Using disposable cosmetic pads is convenient and practical. However, let’s think about the tons of waste we produce this way. The vision of huge heaps of garbage should convince us to replace disposable cosmetic pads with their reusable counterparts. Their use is just as convenient. You only need to wash them regularly to enjoy them anew when you use them again.

Perform makeup removal with oil

Use oils to remove makeup. First of all, they do not contain unnecessary ingredients, and secondly, you do not need cotton pads to perform makeup removal with them. Washing off makeup with natural products can be an opportunity to give your face a relaxing massage. We recommend using sesame oil – just a few drops are enough to effectively get rid of makeup.

Use a natural deodorant

Until now you thought that natural deodorants are too gentle to provide our body with effective protection? Nothing could be further from the truth! On the market you will find many products that prevent sweating in an ecological way. It is worth knowing that popular spray antiperspirants contribute to air pollution, smog and the development of the greenhouse gas problem. Their eco-friendly counterparts are usually in stick form, and their composition is more friendly not only to the environment, but also to our bodies.

Brush your teeth with a bamboo toothbrush

In eco-friendly grooming, it is extremely important to reduce the amount of trash produced. However, a toothbrush is the kind of thing that should be replaced at least every three months. An alternative to the classic plastic toothbrush can be its bamboo counterpart. It’s a natural material that decomposes, making it a much greener option.

Give up using ear sticks

ENT specialists have been reporting that ear sticks can do more harm than good for many years. Still, many of us have them in our bathroom. In addition, just like cotton pads, they generate a huge amount of trash. How about giving up on them and cleaning your ears with your fingers while washing your head? Not only environmentally friendly, but also economical!

Swap curling irons for braids

This solution is so trivial that it may never have occurred to most of us. It turns out that for beautiful curls you don’t need a curling iron at all. All we need to do is braid our hair in the evening and go to bed in them. This will make us enjoy a beautiful hairstyle in the morning, without using electricity. In addition, braids will not damage our hair.

Replace baths in the tub with quick showers

Long baths in the tub can be relaxing, but they are not good for our environment. Try to use them as seldom as possible. Instead of them, opt for a quick shower, during which you will use far less water. Also pay attention to your daily habits – turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, and put the washing machine on only when you have collected enough clothes. Such measures will help save water, and at the same time reduce your bills.

main photo: unsplash.com/EcoPanda

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