7 make-up looks that every classic fan will appreciate this spring

7 make-up looks that every classic fan will appreciate this spring
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In spring, we usually opt for light, girly make-up in a “make-up no make-up” style: lightly glowing skin with bronzer, lip gloss and mascara. What are we going to wear this season?

  1. Blush!

This season blush will be worn not only on cheeks, but also on eyelids and lips. It is the perfect shade for women who like to play with make-up and opt for bold colors, as well as for those who love classics. If you love minimalism, go for a soft, pastel pink on your eyelid. Lighten your cheeks with a delicate highlighter with pink particles. Put some lip gloss on your lips and you’ve got yourself a classic spring make-up look!

  1. Sparkle!

This trend will also stay with us this season. Smooth, glowing skin always looks good, especially in spring. For a smooth, flawless look, skip the highlighter shimmers. Highlight your cheekbones, the back of your nose and your cupid’s bow. This type of makeup will illuminate your face beautifully and make you look more relaxed

  1. Red on the Lips

A trend perfect for classic lipstick lovers. Red lips, delicately emphasized eye and eyebrows. Remember that red lips don’t like competition. If you want to accentuate them, skip the strong eye make-up. Red lips are a class of their own, but you need to apply lipstick properly. Take care of your skin condition or hide any redness and imperfections. You’ll need a lip liner to line your lips precisely

  1. Intense colors

This trend might surprise some people. We associate spring with pastel shades and soft highlights. This season we go for classics. Bottle green, deep navy blue and… red. Totally crazy! This look can be very elegant.

Remember that moderation is the most important thing. If you opt for a dark green eye shadow, the rest of your make-up should be just a background. Avoid strong bronzer, blush or highlighter with coloured particles. It is best to lightly apply lip gloss or nude lipstick

  1. What about eyebrows?

Don’t worry, we are not going back to eyebrows heavily drawn on with black eyebrow pencil. This season we bet on natural, well combed eyebrows. Women love the lamination procedure. Thanks to it hairs are tamed and arches are almost perfect

Eyebrows are the frame of our face so it is worth to put some effort into their styling. If you can’t afford to have your eyebrows laminated by a stylist, you can do it yourself at home. How? All you need is an ordinary soap and a brush to comb your eyelashes. Dampen the soap gently, scoop the product onto the brush and carefully comb through your eyebrows, combing from bottom to top and give them the desired shape. Done! Soap brows are a real Instagram hit. Are you tempted?

  1. The less, the better

During the pandemic, we started betting on the natural look. Spending most of the time at home, we didn’t feel like wearing heavy makeup. This trend will continue this spring as well

Instead of heavy, mattifying foundations, it is worth betting on a delicately illuminating BB cream. Brushed eyebrows and nude lipstick are the perfect everyday make-up. It is worth focusing on skincare so that your complexion is smooth and no longer needs extra layers of concealer. Skincare is key, remember

  1. Opt for bronzer

You can opt for both warm and cold shade bronzer. A warm bronzer will warm up your face and a cool one will contour it. This bronzed complexion is perfect for spring. If you are a fan of classics we have good news – you can use bronzer on your cheeks and eyelids. This will give you an elegant, monochromatic look. Just right for big outings and every day


Main Photo: Rosdiana Ciaravolo/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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