Stilettos – elegant shoes for many occasions

Stilettos – elegant shoes for many occasions
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Well-cut stilettos are the favorite footwear of many women. High-heeled shoes are perfect for both big outings and business meetings. Read why they are so popular and what to pay attention to when buying stilettos

Elegant stilettos can visually enhance the figure, as well as add height and make a woman look more attractive in them and feel more confident. Properly chosen footwear should be comfortable to wear, as well as fit your height and figure. For this purpose it is worth investing in stilettos made of high quality materials.

Find a model that suits your style

It’s important to match your shoes with the clothes you own and the occasions you’re going to wear them in. Black or neutral-colored stilettos are the most versatile. Classic stilettos or nude pumps in a shade similar to your skin tone can optically lengthen your leg by almost a foot. When shopping for high-heeled shoes, take into account, among other things, the material the shoes are made of, the height of the heel, the shape of the nose and the way the lining is made

Grain leather usually does not cause any allergies and allows the foot to breathe, which reduces sweating. A big advantage of leather shoes is also the ease of cleaning. On the other hand, suede is more flexible and soft, which makes it easier to fit the shape of the foot. Suede stilettos, on the other hand, may be comfortable to wear and reduce the risk of corns, but they will also be more prone to damage

You can also find high-quality stilettos made of eco-leather in stores. To make women’s stilettos comfortable to wear, you should choose a model with cushions that minimize discomfort in the metatarsal and heel area. An alternative solution is to buy special gel or leather insoles, which keep the foot in one place and protect it against painful abrasions and corns

Choose stable shoes

If you haven’t worn stilettos before, start with a low heel. A great choice to start with are classic stiletto heels with a strapthey’ll give you more stability and comfort while walking. Make sure the sole of your stilettos is comfortable to wear. The strap closure can be either straight or crossed

You can also choose shoes with a long or short strap that wraps around your ankle – women’s stilettos with a strap look less formal, so they’re perfect for dinner parties or family events. Also consider whether the sides of your stilettos are covered or uncovered, so you can enjoy walking on high heels all day long.

Break out your stilettos before an important outing

It’s a good idea to go for quality shoes, and make sure they are the size and shape that fits your feet. New stilettos should also be well-worn before going out – especially important if you plan on dancing a lot. By separating your shoes, you’ll minimize the risk of corns and blisters

It’s best to walk around the apartment in your stilettos or take a short walk in them. Putting your shoes in the freezer or soaking the insoles in alcohol may damage the delicate shoes and will not be taken into consideration during the complaint. It is better to use traditional methods or use a professional shoe stretching product.

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