How to clean white sneakers?

How to clean white sneakers?
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Most fashionistas have classic white sneakers in their closet. There is nothing surprising in this. They are versatile shoes – they go with almost any styling. However, they have one disadvantage: they get dirty quickly. Check out how to easily get rid of dirt to enjoy clean shoes all over again.

What should you keep in mind when you want to clean white sneakers?

Remember to clean white sneakers regularly, and not only when they are very dirty. If we regularly remove dust and mud from them, there is a greater chance that they will look like new after a thorough cleaning.

After cleaning your shoes, remember never to dry them in the sun or on a heater. Let the shoes dry in a dry and warm place. You can put newspaper rolled into a ball inside the shoes to absorb excess moisture.

Pay attention to how you store your shoes in the off-season. It is best to place them in special bags that will protect the shoes from settling dust.

Cleaning white sneakers with baking soda

To clean white sneakers you can use ordinary baking soda. Dissolve two tablespoons in a glass of water and apply the solution so prepared to the shoes with a cloth or toothbrush. Let them stand for 20-30 minutes, and then remove the residue of the mixture with a dry cloth.

White toothpaste

Yes, you can successfully clean white sneakers with toothpaste. Prepare a toothbrush, a bowl of water and toothpaste (necessarily white). Apply the toothpaste to the moistened brush and gently scrub the surface of the sneakers. This way you will also successfully clean the upper and sole.


Bleach is a very strong detergent, so it is recommended to clean only yellowed plastic soles with it. Apply a small amount of bleach with cotton balls and rub gently. Be careful that the product does not get on other parts of the shoes.

Cleaning milk

As with bleach, dirt from the sole of white sneakers will also remove white cleaning milk. In this case, too, you need to proceed very carefully and take care that the product does not get on any other part of the shoe than the sole.

Infant formula

Cleaning white sneakers with baby sprinkle is not a very popular method, but it is worth trying. Just pour 2-3 tablespoons of baby sprinkle into a glass of water and mix thoroughly. Apply the prepared solution to dirty shoes with a cloth or toothbrush. Remove the excess with a damp cloth and let the shoes dry.

Gray soap

Gray soap is one detergent that is completely safe for your shoes. You can easily clean your white sneakers with it. For this you will need a bowl of water, a soft brush and, of course, gray soap. Apply the soap to the dampened brush and gently scrub your shoes until they foam. After washing, wipe off the excess with a soft cloth and let the shoes dry.

Makeup remover

If unsightly yellow stains have appeared on your white sneakers, you can get rid of them by using makeup remover. This will clean the soles and uppers, if they are made of eco-leather.

Can white sneakers be washed in the washing machine?

Many of you will surely wonder if your favorite white sneakers can just be thrown into the washing machine and washed. As much as possible. However, you need to remember to wash them at a maximum of 30℃, without spinning. However, you can’t do this too often, as the sneakers may become disheveled.

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