5 trendy coats for fall in minimalist style

5 trendy coats for fall in minimalist style
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Autumn has already arrived on Polish streets. Despite the fact that we still have a few warm moments ahead of us, it is worth buying a decent coat now, so that autumn does not surprise us with its coldness. Here are coats perfect for a minimalist.

Minimalist coats for fall 2021

Coats are the undoubted autumn leaders. They are beautiful and often create the entire styling. It is worth betting on models that are timeless and very good quality. It is often better to invest in a more expensive coat and enjoy it for many years, rather than buying poor quality outerwear every year. Also, often in chain stores you can find not only beautiful, but good in terms of composition coats. Here is what models are worth paying attention to this season.

1. Oversized models

Large coats with a slightly oversized cut also work well this season. They perfectly hide figure flaws. They are perfect for women of different shapes. Even for those with protruding tummy and massive thighs. The most classic coat, in beige or black color, may be combined with sports shoes and create an everyday look.

Such a coat will look equally good with an elegant dress and boots. If you are a minimalist, but sometimes you like to go wild, choose a hat, very fashionable this season. Match it with the color of your coat. It will surely enliven your autumn styling.

2. Classic style fitted coat

Very fashionable fitted coats with a waist belt are perfect for elegant women. The best are those in classic colors, but often you can also see red versions and the immortal check. An elegant coat combined with a shirt, leather skirt and boots with a loose top – such a look is a must-have this fall.

3. Straight coat in military style

Long, a’la military coats in shades of extinguished green can be seen at world fashion shows. They are timeless and beautifully create the whole styling. Most often they are combined with elegant accessories, but they also work well with sneakers. You can also add sunglasses. Such styling is more suitable for tall girls.

4. Soft and girly knee-length coats

For a few years now knee-length coats have been present in every closet. They are very classic in form and comfortable. They do not restrict movement, and emphasize the figure. You can find overcoats before the knee in different colors, from bold green, to dim gray, beige and black. This model is particularly beloved by European women.

5. Coat with fur pattern

Last season we already saw coats of various lengths, stylized as fake fur. They certainly add chic to any styling, are interesting in form and look great on every figure. Coats come in long form, almost to the ground, and short, to the hips.

Main photo: Kristina Nikitina/pexels.com

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