Oily hair? Find out the causes!

Oily hair? Find out the causes!
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Are you struggling with excessively oily hair and don’t know what the cause is? Finding it is unfortunately not so easy. There are many reasons why our hairstyle quickly looks stale. Let’s take a look at some of them.

The process of sebum production by our skin is absolutely normal. However, if our hair gets greasy after just 12-24 hours, it means we need to change our hair care habits.

Over moisturizing the scalp

Applying huge amounts of oils, rubs and conditioners to the scalp can weigh it down and lead to our hair losing its freshness faster. To prevent this, use minimal amounts of cosmetics and remember to wash thoroughly.

Incomplete washing

Oily scalp can be caused by inadequate washing. If you happen to rinse out your shampoo or conditioner incorrectly in a hurry, your hair can quickly look stale.

Too dry scalp

Just as you can overdo moisturizing your scalp, you can also end up with a dry scalp. This happens when you forget to apply masks or conditioners to it. As the skin tries to cope with the dryness on its own, it produces excessive amounts of sebum, which looks unappealing on the hair.

Touching the hair

Some of us have a constant reflex to touch our hair. This is a big mistake. By doing so, the skin will become oily faster. The same goes for frequent combing. It too can lead to oily hair.

Improper application of facial cosmetics

Yes, the wrong application of facial cosmetics can also cause oily hair. When applying creams, serums or masks, pin up your hair or wear a headband so that you don’t inadvertently apply products to your hair. It is best to detangle the hairstyle only after the products from the complexion have been completely absorbed.

Poor diet

Excessive scalp oiliness can also be influenced by a bad diet. A diet rich in bad fats, sugar, preservatives and flavor enhancers is not conducive to proper sebaceous gland function. That’s why a healthy diet, rich in complex carbohydrates, protein and vitamins, is so important.

Poor scalp care

There is a theory that claims that hair should be “held” dirty for a few days to stop getting oily. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with reality. We need to wash our head when it’s dirty, moisturize when it needs it and scrub regularly. Only then are we able to achieve balance in the sebaceous glands and avoid excessive oiliness.

Wearing hats

The scalp can become oily by overheating it. Wearing hats in warm rooms, public transportation or in a car is therefore not advisable. Also, keeping wet hair in a turban for too long or drying it with a warm blow dryer can promote faster oiliness.

Walking around with loose hair

Loose hair is much more likely to be touched and combed than hair that is tied up. This unfortunately encourages them to become oily. To avoid a foul-looking hairstyle, opt for bound hair.

Washing hair with too strong products

When washing your scalp on a daily basis, opt for products with gentle ingredients. Using detergents that are too strong, intense scrubbing and washing in hot water will make your scalp oily quickly.

main photo: unsplash.com/Adam Winger

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