Creamless nights – is this trend worth trying? Check out

Creamless nights – is this trend worth trying? Check out
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Although we are bombarded with information from everywhere about how important it is for our skin to be properly moisturized, skin care with creamless nights as a pillar is becoming more and more popular. Is this the way to a healthy and beautiful complexion?

What are creamless nights?

Creamless nights, also known as oil-free nights, is a skin care idea invented by chemist Dr. Rudolf Hauschka. It boils down to limiting moisturizers in our daily routine. According to the scientist, in this way the skin will regain its natural balance and be able to deal with problems such as dryness, acne, atopy or excessive sebum production on its own.

This idea is absolutely revolutionary if we take into account what dermatologists have been saying for years. According to them, ensuring that the skin is properly moisturized is key to anti-aging prevention and maintaining healthy skin. Some specialists, however, have a completely different opinion on the subject, and it is in moisturizing creams that they see the causes of skin problems.

Where did the idea for cream-free nights come from?

Dr. Rudolf Hauschka has been studying the natural rhythm of human skin processes for many years of his career. According to the scientist, it is the overly rich night care that disrupts this rhythm, so that the condition of our skin deteriorates.

The scientist noted that it is at night that intensive regenerative processes take place in our body, which we should not interfere with. Using creams at night makes us interfere with the sebaceous glands, so they can become unregulated and produce too little or too much sebum. In the former case, our complexion will be dry and sallow, while in the latter case, our skin will be oily and unappealing.

What is the idea of creamless nights?

Creamless nights were invented to restore the right balance to the skin. Dr. Hauschka recommends that evening care should be limited to cleansing, toning and applying a light water-based serum. Rich and greasy creams, which we usually apply at night, slow down our skin’s renewal and detoxification. For oily complexions, they can lead to clogging and the formation of blackheads.

Applying a water-based serum to the face in the evening will allow our skin to breathe freely. This will allow the renewal process to take place in the skin unhindered, and the natural balance will be restored. Serums should be applied to the face after thoroughly cleansing and toning the skin.

When to apply moisturizer?

The idea of creamless nights does not imply the complete elimination of moisturizers from our skin care. Dr. Hauschka recommends that nourishing products, such as oils and creams, be used during the day.

Benefits of creamless nights

As it turns out, creamless nights can bring many benefits to our skin. At a time when the market is flooded with cosmetic novelties every now and then, it is easy to overload the skin with a large number of active ingredients. As a result, we will achieve the opposite of the intended effect. 

The skin, instead of looking better, will rebel and show its displeasure in the form of pimples and clogged pores. Irritated skin can be a sign of overly rich skin care, which instead of benefiting the skin, only weighs it down. Giving up the night cream will allow it to breathe and recover properly.

Cream-free nights may not work well for mature, dry and thin complexions, which are unable to maintain adequate hydration levels on their own. In such cases, rich night creams can be applied without remorse.

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