5 style rules every minimalist should follow

5 style rules every minimalist should follow
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Minimalism in fashion is a trend that wins a wider circle of fans every year. Both women and men change their shopping habits and focus on quality instead of quantity. What are the characteristics of minimalist style in fashion?

It is primarily timeless, classic outfits, which delight with simplicity and a touch of avant-garde. Minimalist’s closet is a collection of clothes that fit together and complement each other, nothing goes there by accident

Many people are tired of fast fashion and constantly new proposals of clothing stores. A much better decision is to invest in models that can serve for many seasons. Minimalist style prioritizes the functionality of clothes, which are supposed to be comfortable, simple and versatile. These are clothes in muted colors, classic cuts and high quality materials. Check if this style suits you!

5 rules according to the principles of minimalism

In the minimalistic way of dressing, absolutely everyone will find their place. It is a great impulse to organize your closet and start a path of conscious and thoughtful fashion shopping. The idea of minimalism in many respects coincides with ecology and economical approach to resources, so it is not worth throwing away old clothes and complete the contents of the closet from scratch. First of all you should carefully look through your clothes and try to fit them into as many ready-made sets as possible. Check what rules minimalists follow when shopping and choosing outfits

  1. Less is more

The main assumption of minimalism is to bring out the beauty from the simplicity, form and functionality of an outfit. By relying on fewer colors, patterns and accessories you can better express your unique style and approach to fashion. Minimalists usually choose classic cuts of pants, skirts or dresses, which suit many occasions and situations. The principle of “less is more” allows you to express your fashion identity with minimalist elements

  1. Monochrome looks are welcome

The color palette in which minimalist women can be seen is pretty much truncated. They often choose white, black, shades of gray, beige, navy blue and soft pastel colors. The way to look great in a minimalist style is to opt for a total look. Monochromatic styles are favored in this trend

  1. Ethical fashion

Embedded in the concept of ethical fashion is the idea of minimalism, so many people who identify with it do their shopping in a conscious and sustainable way. A frequent choice are local fashion brands that have their entire production line in the country where they are based. Also important is the involvement of companies in pro-environmental projects and a transparent approach to the relationship between the manufacturer and the customer

  1. Quality, not quantity

Minimalists are masters in reading labels, which inform about the composition of the clothes and the materials from which they were made. They look for such models that have good quality, so you know that the outfit will not be damaged after a few washes. Desirable are cotton, linen, viscose, satin, wool and silk. Good quality clothes even after several seasons do not lose their properties and look as great as just after purchase. This has a huge impact on the environment, which is largely polluted by the textile industry

  1. Thoughtful purchase decisions

An extremely important rule that every minimalist follows is to buy clothes that match your closet. At the time of purchase it is worth to analyze whether the item fits our style and with what we can combine it into a ready-made outfit. Do not make decisions on impulse, because haste is a bad advisor. There is no need to visit stores during promotions and sales, if we are not looking for a particular model or cut, which is missing from our closet. In the face of an attractive price, it is easy to buy clothes that are not a thoughtful decision, and consequently will not be functional and useful


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