How to decorate a kitchen in a minimalist style?

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How to decorate a kitchen in a minimalist style?
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Minimalism as an architectural style is a perfect solution for the kitchen. Simple forms and limiting the number of accessories to a minimum make it easier to keep the room clean.

Minimalism means simplicity, refined elegance and functionality in one. This style is characterized by thoughtful solutions, muted colors and lack of unnecessary ornaments and accessories. Minimalist kitchen is a great solution for large, small, closed and open to living room interiors

Features of minimalism in interior design

Minimalism in interior design is manifested primarily by a small number of things in the room. Furniture, colors, forms and shapes should be possibly simple, even ascetic. Minimalism does not like contrasts – it is a harmonious combination of colors, materials and structures. Minimalist interior is devoid of unnecessary elements and ornaments. Every piece of furniture, equipment and accessory is a carefully thought-out part of a coherent whole of the interior.

Minimalism is a style whose roots are associated with the Japanese and Scandinavian philosophy. It is in these cultures that simple forms are preferred and splendour is avoided. The interior is supposed to be functional and ergonomic, equipped with an appropriate number of appliances. Another advantage of minimalism is its attachment to the durability of materials. The furniture and the whole interior is supposed to serve us for many years. Minimalism also assumes respect for the natural environment and not wasting resources or generating unnecessary garbage.

Kitchen in minimalistic style

A room that is ideal for decorating in minimalist style is the kitchen. First of all, this is a room that we arrange for many years

Temporary fashions, color and design trends change very quickly. This entails the need for constant renewal of the space. Minimalism is a classically elegant, neat and timeless style. Fashion for such an arranged interior never goes away.

Minimalist kitchen is also a practical solution. Smooth fronts, simple forms, lack of unnecessary decorations and accessories allow to keep the room sterile and clean. Kitchen is one of those rooms where order and tidiness are most desirable.

Minimalist kitchen – examples

Minimalist kitchen does not have to be boring. The right choice of fronts and worktops, thrifty decorations or interesting color combinations can create a very sophisticated interior. Minimalist style works well both in a large, open room and a small kitchen in a block of flats.

Wood and concrete

An example of a modern, slightly industrial kitchen in minimalist style can be a combination of light, wooden fronts, imitation concrete countertop and black accessories. Simplicity, timelessness and youthful character of the interior in one. Modern look is added to the interior by black details such as hood, sink, chairs.

Kitchen hidden in cabinets

A modern, minimalist kitchen is also an interior, which from floor to ceiling is built-up with cabinets. A piece of a simple worktop with a sink is the only element revealing what kind of room we’re dealing with. Large cabinets hide the whole kitchen mess. Appliances and accessories are hidden behind bright cabinet doors.

White and marble

Simple interiors do not necessarily mean cheap interiors. The minimalist style perfectly fits the durable, elegant and timeless marble. Smooth fronts of high-gloss kitchen furniture, neat white countertops and a delicate marble accent on the island(link). Such a kitchen is sophisticated elegance.

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