10 fashionable pants for autumn in minimalist style

10 fashionable pants for autumn in minimalist style
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About the fact that fashion likes to return, no one needs to be convinced. This is most evident in the cuts of pants that are on trend this season. Although not so long ago the tube was the only right choice, today they have become a thing of the past, and their place has been replaced by bells, culottes and pants with a ⅞ leg. What other cuts can’t miss in your closet? We suggest!

Flared Trousers

The world went crazy for bell-bottoms back in the 1960s. They returned to favor again in the 2000s, and today we can once again enjoy their return. This cut is fitted at the hips and thighs and gradually widens towards the bottom. In autumn 2022, the flare cut, characterized by a particularly strong flare, will reign supreme.


Although the tube is slowly being pushed out of the current fashion, it still remains the safest cut of pants, matching everything. The narrower and more fitted the leg, the better. Pipe pants go well with both oversized blazers and blouses, as well as with fitted tops.

Wide leg

If bell-bottom pants don’t appeal to you and you don’t feel comfortable in them, perhaps the wide leg cut will meet your expectations. It refers to the seamed trousers popular in the 1970s. Their leg widens from the very top, from the hips. The pants look good on any type of figure.


If you are looking for comfortable pants for slightly more elegant occasions, the palazzo cut can work perfectly. This is a favorite model of all French and Italian women, especially those who appreciate elegance and chic. The pants are usually sewn from silk or cotton and look great with high-heeled shoes.


Boyfriend pants are one of the most popular cuts that modern women reach for. They appeared on the market to provide an interesting alternative to classic tube pants. Boyfriends are characterized by a wide leg. You can often get them in a version with rubbed edges.

Mom jeans

The cut of mom jeans is a fashion trip to the 90s, when the cut broke absolute records of popularity. They are very similar to boyfriends, however, they clearly taper to the bottom. The pants look perfect on any figure – they maintain proportions and perfectly emphasize the waist and legs.


Culloty pants will appeal to all fans of the palazzo cut. They reach to the middle of the calf, are wide, loose and are sewn from flowing material, such as cotton or silk. Thanks to their spreading legs, they can resemble a skirt, so they are brilliant for elegant styling. They are extremely comfortable and fit any type of figure.


Slouchy are an absolute hit this season. They have a loose cut and “balloon legs”, and properly styled they fit any occasion. If you match them with a shirt, an elegant blazer and stilettos, they are perfect for a business meeting. Combined with sneakers and a short top, they will create the perfect styling for a meeting with friends.


Joggers were originally a cut of sweatpants, but over time they began to be sewn from other materials, such as stretch denim. This made them much more popular and versatile. These pants are characterized by a loose cut with drawstrings at the legs. In the tracksuit version, they are perfect for streetwear styling.

Paper bag

The appearance of these pants – as the name suggests – is inspired by a paper bag. They have a high waist, a creased waist and a tied belt. They present themselves perfectly, even to a simple T-shirt!

main photo: unsplash.com/Ravi Sharma

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