Flaxseed is beauty gold – check out the specific benefits for which it is worth drinking and eating

Flaxseed is beauty gold – check out the specific benefits for which it is worth drinking and eating

Flaxseed is well known to us. It is very often found in our kitchen and we sometimes do not realize it. But do you know why it is worth eating and drinking flaxseed? You will find out by reading the following article

First of all, it is great for the digestive tract

Flaxseed provides wonderful relief to the digestive system. This is because the characteristic feature of flaxseed is plant mucilage. It coats the mucous membranes of the esophagus and stomach, thus protecting these organs from strong hydrochloric acid. It can be an excellent remedy for heartburn and reflux. All you need to do is drink flaxseed kisiel every morning on an empty stomach.

An ally in weight loss

These little seeds can help you lose weight. This is because they contain a large amount of fiber, which in combination with fatty acids will help you stay satiated for longer. By consuming flaxseed regularly, you can help yourself if you have a problem with excessive appetite, and as a result enjoy a beautiful and slim figure.

Helper in lowering cholesterol levels

Flax seeds are rich in plant sterols. They are responsible for lowering cholesterol levels in the blood. It has been proven that regular consumption of flaxseed can reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body by up to 12 percent.

Replace eggs with it!

Flaxseed has also smiled on vegans! Vegetable chops and cakes often lack the element that binds the ingredients together. Flaxseed has a binding effect, so it is perfect for this role. You can add the seeds, ground seeds, or flaxseed kisiel to your dish.

Flaxseed is not only for eating and drinking!

There is one more way to use flaxseed. It is to prepare from it the so-called ‘flaxseed glut’, which is a thick gel. It is used to care for curly hair. This is because you can use it in the final styling step instead of a special gel or curl cream. This option is much cheaper and may be more effective!

How much flaxseed to consume per day?

It is said that an adequate dose is to eat one or two tablespoons of flax seeds per day. If you’re unable to sneak that amount into your diet, try sprinkling it on sandwiches, adding it to soups, or tossing it blended into desserts. 

How to make flaxseed kisiel?

Simply pour one tablespoon of flaxseed over one cup of hot water. After a few minutes, stir. The concoction should already be thick and sticky. 

Remember to drink enough water in addition to using flaxseed. This is very important because these seeds have the ability to absorb water, so providing too little of this liquid can cause unpleasant effects.

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