8 fashionable dresses for autumn in minimalist style

8 fashionable dresses for autumn in minimalist style
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The coming autumn will abound in many dresses kept in a minimalist style. Fans of this aesthetic will easily find something for themselves, and those who have so far relied on slightly different cuts and patterns, may be convinced to fashion restraint. We present 8 minimalist dresses that will be an absolute hit this coming autumn!

Striped dress

Stripes are a pattern that suits everyone, never goes out of fashion and, above all, is not too overwhelming, so it fits perfectly into the minimalist aesthetic. Subdued colors will be a great reference to the retro climate. This season will be dominated by knitted dresses, which, combined with comfortable loafers or over-the-knee boots, will look captivating!

Dresses made of eco-leather

This year’s autumn will be marked by clothes sewn from ecological leather. Among them there will also be dresses. Short, simple cuts in muted colors will reign in the closet of every minimalist. These dresses perfectly emphasize the figure and slenderize the legs. They can be worn both with heavy motorcycle boots and tasteful stilettos.

Navy blue dresses

The leading color of the coming autumn will be navy blue. It is the color of ascetic simplicity, so any minimalist will certainly appreciate this trend. Fashionable will be the classic “little navy blue”, as well as slightly more airy and oversized cuts, which will add lightness to the silhouette. Such a creation will be an ideal choice for elegant evening outings.

Tweed dresses

If you like the aesthetics of the 1950s, this trend is just for you! Tweed dress is a symbol of timeless elegance. Wear it necessarily in a mini length, in duet with a short jacket. If you want to break its conservative character, you can juxtapose it with heavy biker boots.

Knit dresses

One of the leading trends for the autumn-winter 2022/23 season are dresses sewn from knitwear. This warm material will effectively warm us up on colder days, and is extremely versatile. A knitted dress can be worn to work, as well as to a date or family gathering. It is extremely comfortable to wear, so it has many supporters, even among women who are not fond of wearing dresses.

Dresses with cutouts

Dresses with cut-outs have been on trend for a good few seasons now, and nothing promises that we will soon forget about them. Cutouts look best precisely on minimalist cuts, where they can play first fiddle. Also the color scheme of such dresses should be conservative – it is best to bet on white, black and gray.

Red dresses

Autumn is the season for fiery colors, including on dresses. This year we will wear both raspberry reds and classic maroon. Fashions inspired by the 1950s will reign supreme – envelope necklines, emphasized waist and midi lengths. Red minimalist dress is a great solution for an informal evening out. A touch of chic will add a juxtaposition of it with black over-the-knee boots.

Green dresses

Another color that should not be forgotten this autumn is green. It will be especially present on simple, elegant dresses with a smooth texture. This is a great way to sneak a bit of color into chic minimalist outfits. A green dress is a good option for both day and evening.

main photo: unsplash.com/Alyssa Strohmann

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