Kitchen design – what mistakes to beware of?

Kitchen design – what mistakes to beware of?

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Mistakes in the arrangement happen to everyone, but it is much easier to learn from others’ mistakes than from your own. In this article we suggest how to prevent many problems that can arise due to ill-considered kitchen design

Lack of a specific style

Lack of a coherent style can bring real chaos to the arrangement. Especially an excess of colors and patterns can be tiring for the nervous system and also optically reduce the room. It is advisable to think about the kitchen arrangement in advance and plan what furniture and equipment should be in it. Spontaneous purchases may end up with elements of the decor not matching each other in size and not creating an aesthetic whole.

Table tops not adjusted to the height of people in the house

The height of the table, chairs, cabinets and also the kitchen worktops should be adjusted to the height of the household members. Personalization of the development will allow comfortable use of equipment – it is generally accepted that the kitchen countertop should be up to several centimeters below the height of an average person’s elbow. It is also worth placing an additional socket above the countertop so that you can easily use a blender or a mixer while cooking.

Cramped and shallow sink

One of the most common mistakes in the arrangement of the kitchen, which later translate into less functionality and ergonomics, is a small and shallow sink. It is worth choosing a deep and preferably double-bowl sink kitchen sinkthat will allow you to wash large dishes and pots and also make it easier to prepare preserves.

When designing the interior you should also pay attention to the materials used in the production of the sink, so that you can enjoy its durability for a long time. The most popular models of sinks include ceramic, steel, granite and glass. When it comes to quality, it particularly stands out granite sink due to its resistance to mechanical damage, trouble-free cleaning and lack of visible stains

Non-functional kitchen equipment or lack thereof

The ideal kitchen should be a combination of aesthetics and functionality. The equipment should take into account the individual needs of the household members and guarantee the convenience of use. A modern kitchen should not lack such appliances as a dishwasher, an oven or a hood. It’s also worth taking care that the fridge is capacious enough for the family’s needs and that the kitchen faucets and the depth of the sink allow for easy filling of pots with water

Currently very popular are gROHE kitchen faucets faucets with a removable spout that guarantee freedom of movement when cooking and cleaning. Kitchen faucets with aerators that reduce water consumption are also noteworthy

Narrow and unsteady worktop

Cooking enthusiasts need space where they can indulge in kitchen experiments. Wide worktops, made of scratch-resistant material, will fulfill the aspect of utility and at the same time will be a stylish decoration of the kitchen. Especially natural stones, which show good resistance to moisture and high temperatures, look very elegant. It is worth remembering that part of the worktop will be occupied by small appliances, such as a kettle or toaster

Inadequate kitchen lighting

Insufficient lighting can be annoying when cooking and also make it difficult to perform precise tasks such as cutting, measuring ingredients or decorating cakes. It’s a good idea to equip your kitchen with additional led lights above the kitchen counter and soft sconces placed at the table.

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