How should you take care of your skin in the fall and winter?

How should you take care of your skin in the fall and winter?
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Low temperatures, piercing gusts of wind outside, dry and heated air inside – in autumn and winter our skin does not have it easy. What do we have to remember during our morning and evening skin care routine? What cosmetics should we use? We explain it all in the following article!

Moisturizing creams – no, no, no!

Autumn and winter are the seasons, when almost every complexion dries out, despite appearances, also oily or acne-prone ones. Large temperature fluctuations and staying in heated rooms cause loss of moisture and discomfort and a feeling of tightness.

It might seem that the solution to this problem is the use of moisturizing creams. It turns out, however, that it is absolutely not so – because of the water in their composition. We should replace them with semi-greasy or greasy products that protect the skin well and leave a protective film on it. It also concerns problematic complexions, because if they are properly oiled they will not secrete an excessive amount of sebum.

Creams with hyaluronic acid, ceramides and oils work perfectly. Deeply cleansing masks and concentrated serums with active ingredients for the night are also suitable.

A Dose of Hydration from Within

Good skin care is not limited only to the use of various types of cosmetics. It is also about other activities, such as drinking water, avoiding stimulants and thorough – daily! – make-up removal

We must remember that our every action and even our emotions have a big impact on the condition of our skin. If we want to provide our skin with a proper dose of hydration, we should remember to hydrate it regularly by drinking water, vegetable cocktails and teas, especially dried rosehips, blueberries and cranberries. Their effect is invaluable.

Do not forget about your hands

Autumn and winter are not only hard on the skin, but also on the hands. It is particularly exposed to freezing and chapping. Without gloves you can’t move, just as without a nourishing hand cream. This should be applied after each hand wash, in a thicker layer at night and whenever you feel the need.

The skin is also the lips

Even if we have the best skin care, we cannot forget about the lips. In the colder half of the year, the epidermis, like the hands, gets very dry and chapped. It is not pleasant when instead of soft lips, we have a crust

We abandon all products with menthol in the composition and matte, stagnant lipsticks in favor of greasy protective lipsticks and thick glosses. Regular exfoliation, for example with honey and sugar or a gentle toothbrush, is also essential.

A good time for treatments

The autumn and winter months are the perfect time for various beauty treatments. We are talking about cleansing, chemical peels, laser treatments, such as depilation or vascular closure, among others.

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