What are the types of bangs and which cut suits whom?

What are the types of bangs and which cut suits whom?

Despite the constant changes in hair trends, the fringe always remains in fashion. In different versions and lengths, but this hairstyle element keeps coming back into fashion. If well chosen and cut, it will make your look refreshed and you will become more confident. Check out the types of bangs and who they are for.

Curtain type fringe

This is the type of fringe that reigns supreme among most women. Celebrities and influencers have fallen in love with it. It gained its popularity because it does not require a drastic cut, but still changes the hairstyle. 

Who is this haircut for?

The veil fringe is suitable for many beauty types. It will work well for women with a round as well as a drawn face. Both blondes and brunettes should look great in it. 

Curtain fringe

A type of hairstyle taken from the 1970s, this is a heavy and thick layer of hair reaching all the way to the eyebrows. This type of hairstyle was loved by Brigitte Bardot.

Who is this haircut for?

The curtain fringe will be suitable for women with a round but small face. It will suit those who have pronounced eyebrows. Hair color is also not irrelevant – it will look better on dark hair.

Straight fringe

It may be associated with the beginning of the last decade, but don’t be fooled – the straight fringe is still fashionable! It looks best with perfectly straight hair, but also with a ponytail or even a bun. Decide on it if you do not have problems with frizzy hair.

Who is this cut for?

This is a fringe suitable primarily for those women who do not have a problem with frizzy hair. If you have it, this type of cut can be cumbersome for you and require daily smoothing with a straightening iron. Those with a small forehead and delicate facial features will look best in a straight fringe.

See-through bangs

This is a Korean-style fringe. Unlike the two proposals presented above, this one is much smaller in volume. It consists of just a few strips falling on the forehead.

Who is this cut for?

This type of fringe will suit a small group of women. First of all, it must be those who have straight hair that does not tend to frizz and wave. The shape of the face is also important here. Women with delicate, even childlike facial features should opt for this type of cut.

Curly fringe

Fringe only on straight hair? Nothing could be further from the truth! People with curly hair can also have it. What’s more, curls falling on the forehead add charm and a youthful look.

Who is this haircut for?

A fringe in curly-haired women is always a bit of a risk, as it remains to be seen whether it goes well after the cut is done. It will look best in women who have a 2B-2C twist. Then there is a good chance that it will not stand out and will be easy to tame. 

main photo: unsplash.com/Joseph Pérez

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