4 classics that no stylish girl should miss in her closet

4 classics that no stylish girl should miss in her closet
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A well-cut and fitted jacket, a black shirt, a plain bodysuit and a logo baseball cap. These are classic, yet not so obvious, elements of clothing, which can be freely combined with each other.

Which of us has never had a problem with choosing an outfit? How many times, standing in front of a closet, we say: “I have nothing to wear”? You can easily remedy this. How? It is enough that you introduce to your closet classic elements, that is those which will be fashionable always and everywhere, which are timeless and constitute a perfect base for many outfits.

Is there any sense in storing on hangers clothes of the ‘I will wear it when I lose weight’, ‘it will come in handy one day’, ‘I have to buy a matching top to these pants’ type? We suggest which classics you should bet on in order to avoid everyday hustle and bustle and thinking how to create an interesting look today.

Remember, however, that all these elements should be high quality, well composed and perfectly tailored to your figure. It is also important to keep a neutral color – thanks to that a given item will be quite universal.

One jacket, many occasions

The basis of every closet is a jacket, which, depending on other elements and accessories, you can easily style for everyday, casual or sporty version, but also for an evening or business meeting.

Choose loose-fitting, but slightly slim-fitting styles, flowing nicely around the silhouette. Wear it plain, without patterns and in black, caramel, gray or navy blue.

Jacket can be worn with high-heeled shoes, moccasins or sneakers. Match with jeans, dress, skirt or even shorts. Top with a shirt, top or bodysuit. A well tailored jacket gives almost unlimited styling possibilities.

A shirt, but… black

It is commonly known that every woman should have at least one white shirt, which she can wear in many ways – more casual or elegant. This is true, but we also recommend a shirt from the other end of the spectrum, namely black.

It’s worth noting that it’s just as versatile as white, so there’s no problem creating an outfit with it. Moreover, each of them will look extremely interesting and original.

You can button it up in the neck, tie it in a knot in the front or roll up the sleeves – it all depends on the occasion and your preference. The perfect model will be made of breathable fabric, without being too tight or see-through.

Not just for kids

Body is a common element of children’s outfits, but not only. It works perfectly well in women’s closet, since several seasons remaining in the top of the hottest trends. The advantage of the bodysuit is, above all, its functionality as well as comfort and convenience of wearing. You can easily match it with pants, shorts, skirts, a jacket, a cardigan or a jacket – in various ways and for various occasions.

And that’s not all. The bodysuit doesn’t roll up like a regular T-shirt, and it protects your kidneys from getting cold. It can be strapless, short-sleeved, long-sleeved or even turtlenecked.

Amust have is the classic bodysuit in black. The market offers models with cut-outs, lace, transparent inserts or tulle. For the beginning, it is best to choose a plain bodysuit, without any unnecessary patterns.

And for your head… a baseball cap

You’d think there would be more sophisticated pieces than a simple baseball cap among the closet classics. But it’s the one that has been with us for years, not so much protecting our eyes and face from the sun’s rays, but complementing our style.

Baseball caps can be worn as standard with sports outfits, sweatpants, jeans, but also with different types of dresses, skirts and even suits. Currently, those with embroidered brand logos on the front reign in the market.


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