Simple solutions to keep your shoes from rubbing

Simple solutions to keep your shoes from rubbing
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The hot weather has arrived, and with it comes the season for wearing sandals, ballerinas and sneakers, and thus the season for blisters and foot abrasions. Unfortunately, in high temperatures feet sweat and start rubbing against the shoe, which causes painful sores. How to prevent this and how to deal with a rubbing pair of shoes? Find out how

Protect the chafed area

If you have a pair of shoes that constantly chafes you in one spot, protect that spot before skin damage occurs. The easiest solution is to simply wear a sock. Then the whole foot is protected from abrasion and direct contact with the shoe, which is hygienic and very comfortable. Unfortunately, not every cut of shoe will fit socks. The fashion for socks and sandals is unlikely to return (and very well), so you need to look for another solution. For shoes which do not look good combined with socks you can protect your foot with a plaster. This method works great with sandals, ballerinas and stilettos with a strap. The most common area on the foot is the heel. You can also stick a plaster there or buy special ones heelsthanks to which the shoe will stop rubbing you. This gadget can make your favorite pair of stilettos permanently wearable all day long

Changing the position of the foot in the shoe

If you feel a shoe starting to chafe, don’t let the problem get worse. With just a little repositioning of your foot in the shoe, you can get a huge relief. If this happens to you out on the town, a simple tissue folded in half can help. Usually, slipping it under the heel or on the side of the foot will do the trick and you’ll be able to walk home without pain. On the other hand, if you can prepare for such an eventuality, the following can help gel insole for shoes. Abrasions are usually formed by moving your foot too much in the shoe. If your shoes are a little too big, your foot may move around in them when you walk and thus rub. An insole makes a little less room in the shoe, so it fits the foot better. Gel insoles also work well as foot support on high heels. A soft toe pad like this will make your shoes so much more comfortable that you can dance the night away in them!

You may also find your sneakers rubbing on your feet due to being too loose. Lacing that is too loose can cause your foot to move around in the shoe when you walk. Unfortunately, not all shoes can be laced properly. Often, the laces attached by the manufacturer are too slippery, untie and can’t be squeezed tight enough, or simply come loose when worn. Good shoe laces should effectively solve this problem. Combined with insoles, they are sure to form a duo that will make sneakers the most comfortable shoes in your closet.

Rashes caused by uncomfortable shoes are the bane of summer. Especially, if those uncomfortable shoes turn out to be beautiful, dream sandals for several hundred zlotys. Fortunately, there are ways to slightly modify foot-killing footwear. Thanks to gadgets like insoles or heels, your feet will be able to rest in a comfortable shoe, instead of forcing you to constantly look for a place where you can squat down and feel temporary relief. You don’t have to say goodbye to that pair of designer stilettos you paid half your salary for just because they give you the creeps. Use our patents to prevent chafing and enjoy every shoe in your closet.


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