“Shift shoes” that we take with us to weddings. A review of stylish suggestions

“Shift shoes” that we take with us to weddings. A review of stylish suggestions

Most women who go to a wedding or other fairly formal event take a change of shoes with them. These are usually comfortable flat-heeled shoes to replace stilettos or foot-hugging sandals. In the first hours of the event, everyone wants to look impeccable, so ladies wear beautiful dresses and stylish shoes, which are not always comfortable and convenient.

Most people wear stilettos only on holidays, so putting them on and dancing half the night away can be quite a challenge. That is why it is worth taking equally elegant shoes with you to such events, which will allow us to continue enjoying the great fun in more casual circumstances. Check what models of shoes will work perfectly as a substitute for sky-high stilettos or sandals on high stools

Shoes which will replace stilettoes during a wedding reception

Currently in stores’ offer we can find plenty of stylish shoes on flats or small heels. Stilettos, although they are very glamorous, can cause chafing or foot pain after a few hours of walking in them. To be able to dance all night long, it’s worth looking for a model of shoes which will be a pair to change into. Simple sandals, espadrilles, ballerinas, and even sneakers or sneakers work phenomenally well in this role. If you don’t want to resign from heels, you can change stilettos for sandals on trendy platforms


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