How to approach the topic of facial skin care during hot weather? These 3 things you must not forget!

How to approach the topic of facial skin care during hot weather? These 3 things you must not forget!

Hot days, especially those exceeding 30 degrees, are not ideal conditions for our bodies. Also our skin does not cope well when it is hot outside. In summer it is worth slightly modifying your daily skin care, so that we are not surprised by the appearance of skin imperfections. Check what practices are not recommended during hot weather

In summer, it is worth changing skin care and makeup cosmetics for those that have a lighter formula. It is also advisable to use fewer cosmetics, which we put on our face. Fans of Korean cleansing using the method of several steps should bet on a slightly different type of skin care during hot weather. Oily oils and moisturizers can cause a film to form on the skin, which is a great place for bacteria to grow on the skin. Unfortunately, this is an easy way to develop pimples and imperfections

3 things you can’t forget in the summer in terms of facial skin care

Choosing heavy powders over BB creams

Unfortunately, in summer, using a heavy fluid and then covering it with a layer of mattifying powder makes our skin pores clogged and unable to breathe. A better solution is to use BB creams with a light, moisturizing formula

Lack of proper hydration

During summer we cannot forget to replenish our fluids. During hot weather we should drink even a liter of water more than we do in other months of the year. Our diet and lifestyle greatly affect the appearance of our skin.

Not using sunscreen before leaving the house

It is suicide for your skin to leave the house without applying sunscreen to your face, décolleté and arms. Unfortunately, the sun’s rays significantly accelerate the skin’s photo-aging process, so it’s very important to protect yourself from it properly


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