Tops – how to create a minimalist look with them?

Tops – how to create a minimalist look with them?

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Minimalist outfits are currently in fashion. A style that is thrifty in its means allows you to bring out the uniqueness in your hairstyle or makeup. It also emphasizes beauty because it is not hidden behind fancy accessories. Simple garments in muted colors and without prints are the ideal base for truly phenomenal outfits. See how to use crop tops when designing minimalist outfits.

Knitted crop top with long skirt

Short tops are the perfect choice for summer! They go well with just about anything, but look best when there is a length contrast in the styling. Crop top with long, straight skirt is a perfect choice! To create an even more interesting effect, without giving up minimalism, choose contrasting colors. Remember though, that bright, eye-catching colors are not minimalistic, so stick to neutral earthy colors if you want to keep it that way.

Top with pants and jacket

The combination of a white top with a black women’s suit is a minimalist classic. This look will always be elegant and fashionable because this combination is timeless. A boxy top under a blazer is also a great idea for a summer hairstyle. It is a less elegant choice than a shirt, but when it is 30 degrees outside, no one will mind you not wearing two long sleeves. Both tops and jackets offer versada women’s clothing boutique.

Top and shirt combination

This combo, popular in the 2000s, is back in style and back on trend! Layering is not a departure from minimalism, and an open, plain shirt tied at the waist adds some variety to the outfit. To complete the outfit, simply wear blue or black jeans and you are ready to go! The knotted shirt will make the outfit look more interesting but still keep it minimalistic.

Top tied under the bust

If you want a minimalistic look but are afraid of boredom, go for a top with a tie under the bust. Such a top combined with jeans or a simple midi skirt will surely make a phenomenal combination. If you additionally choose colors that contrast with each other, you can be sure that you will look phenomenal.

What to avoid in minimalism?

Minimalism seems to be the easiest style to create. However, there are a few rules to follow to keep your outfits minimalistic. First of all, avoid bright, eye-catching colors. Rather, choose clothes in earthy colors. Besides, also give up on printed clothes, minimalism is all about plain materials and simple designs. Any pattern on the material also goes against the minimalist style, so don’t wear checked, polka dot or floral shirts. It will spoil the whole effect. Too many accessories is also not a good idea if you want to be minimalistic. Do not choose too big, eye-catching jewelry and accessories such as unusual hats or extravagant glasses. The simpler, the better.

Dressing style is an individual matter for each person. However, there are trends that many want to follow. Minimalism in styling is very intriguing and minimalist clothes are simple and at first glance very ‘ordinary’. The trick is to create a fashionable and unique look out of these basic pieces. Use our suggestions for minimalist outfits with tops to impress with your style in summer.


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