Perfect dresses for the transitional period – you must invest in these models!

Perfect dresses for the transitional period – you must invest in these models!

The turn of summer and autumn can be problematic when it comes to matching the right styling. Although the sun is still warming, unfortunately, the cold wind is increasingly coming to the fore. Despite such changeable weather, you do not have to give up on dresses. Today we present models that will be perfect for the transitional period.

Knit dress

Knitwear is the ideal material for the turn of summer and autumn. It is warm, soft and stretchy. Dresses made from it perfectly fit the body, emphasizing the figure. You can easily and quickly create successful styles with them. If it’s chilly, just throw on a denim katana or ramoneski, and put thin tights on your legs. Replace the heels with comfortable sneakers, and you’ll see how the styling gains a touch of fizzy casualness.

Emery dress

The schmisserie dress has not gone out of fashion for many years now. This is, among other things, because its cut is extremely versatile. It can be worn both for elegant outings and for everyday wear. The schmisserie looks good on any type of figure and suits everyone, regardless of age. For colder days you will create the perfect look by combining it with a ramoneski.

Dress in flowers

The end of summer is the perfect time to put on a long, airy floral dress. It looks extremely romantic, and combined with a large hat and boots, it will create a fashionable and complete styling. Models with longer sleeves will work well on days when you can already feel autumn in the air.

Envelope dress

The name of this model of dress comes from the characteristic neckline, the halves of which overlap to form an overlap. The creation is usually tied at the waist, which perfectly emphasizes and slims the waist. The classic envelope dress is an ideal choice for women who appreciate comfort, combined with a stylish look.

Jacket dress

Recently, the jacket dress has become very popular. It is worn by the biggest stars and celebrities. We suggest it as an ideal cut for the turn of summer and autumn. Depending on your personal preferences, choose a buttoned model, like a double-breasted blazer, or tied at the waist. The latter cut will work perfectly in situations where you want to add a touch of chic.

Late summer and early autumn is the perfect opportunity to put on a beautiful dress. Which model will you decide on?

main photo: Milner

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